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  • Robin: Pitiful. [whack, thud] Your stance left you open to that. You call yourself a hero, Reyes?! That was an amateur mistake!
  • Silver Scarab: [alien chittering, armor shifting, energy thrumming] Hey, easy, Khaji... [armor shifting] He's our friend, remember? No shooting friends.
  • Robin: Again! [sigh, footsteps] What? Is there an echo in here? Pick up your stick, get back to your corner, and try again!
  • Silver Scarab: Hey, ese! How about we take five?! I could use some water.
  • Robin: You can have your water when you floor me, Reyes- Actually, no... better yet when you actually are able to land a solid blow at all, how about that?!
  • Silver Scarab: [alien chittering, sigh] [under breath:] Agreed... [staff whirling] Bien, tonto. Usted pidió esto.
  • Robin: Come again?
  • Silver Scarab: Nevermind.
  • Robin: Then, begin! [repaid footsteps: 2 instances, wood striking wood, whoosh, cape flapping, wood striking wood, whoosh, whack, stumbling footsteps, pained hiss, chuckle, angry roar, rapid footsteps, wood striking wood, wood striking wood, wood striking wood, cape flapping, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, angry roar, cape flapping, hand catching wood, whack, thud]
  • Silver Scarab: [angry roar, hand slapping mat, alien chittering] What the hell was that?! You grabbed my staff!
  • Robin: And hit you with it, I know... your swings were too predictable and your grip was weak. [wood hitting metallic armor, scoff footsteps] Reset and try again!
  • [shifting to nearby conversation]
  • Supergirl: Damian is doing really well today.
  • Arrowette: Yes, but what is Jaime learning?
  • Supergirl: Not much it seems. Maybe his head isn't in it, today?
  • Arrowette: Or maybe the problem lies with the instructor's approach?
  • Supergirl: What do you mean?
  • Arrowette: Damian isn't teaching Jaime anything by humiliating and shouting at him.
  • Supergirl: Wait... I thought that's how the League taught you.
  • Arrowette: Yes, when I was young, but after they crushed my ego, they would reshape me and show me what is it I needed to do.
  • Supergirl: Oh...
  • Arrowette: Damian's already crushed Jaime's spirits and now he's just beating him to the ground for no reason.
  • Supergirl: Maybe we should stop this and talk to Damian?
  • Arrowette: [clatter, footsteps] Or maybe I should teach Damian a lesson?
  • Supergirl: [clatter, footsteps] Whoa, Emi, what are you doing?
  • [returning to target: 'Robin']
  • Robin: [whack, thud, chuckle] That was even more pathetic than any of the ones before. Are you enjoying this, Reyes?!
  • Silver Scarab: No! Of course not!
  • Arrowette: Hey, tough guy. Let me have a go...
  • Robin: Queen... I don't feel you need instruction.
  • Arrowette: Instruction?! [scoff] No. Sparring match. First to be pinned.
  • Robin: Interesting... What's in it for me?
  • Arrowette: If I lose, I'll give you a kiss.
  • Silver Scarab: Oh snap!
  • Robin: A kiss? [chuckle] Why would I want a kiss from you?
  • Arrowette: [scoff] Trust me. You'll like it.
  • Robin: I doubt that.
  • Silver Scarab: I'll take it!
  • Arrowette: [scoff] Suit yourself. A kiss from the farm girl then.
  • Supergirl: Wait, what?! I didn't-
  • Arrowette: Shh... We're negotiating here.
  • Robin: [scoff] Very well.
  • Arrowette: Aren't you going to ask what will happen if I win?
  • Robin: Why? It is not going to happen.
  • Arrowette: So sure of that, are we?
  • Robin: Son. Of. Batman.
  • Arrowette: [scoff] So be it. Here is your stuff. Catch... [clatter] On the count of three?
  • Robin: Fine. [staff twirling, footsteps]
  • Arrowette: May the best Titan win. Jaime, care to count us off?
  • Silver Scarab: [footsteps] Sure thing... Ready? One... two... three.
  • Arrowette: [slow footsteps: 2 instances, staves twirling: 2 instances, whoosh, chuckle] Patience, little bird. [whoosh, wood striking wood, wood hitting mat, whack, wood clattering] Oops. Lose something?
  • Robin: [groan] No matter. I don't need that to take you out. [growl, whoosh, whoosh, cape flapping, whoosh, whoosh, cape flapping, whack, stumbling footsteps] Ha! Got ya!
  • Arrowette: [chuckle, whack, thud] But at the cost of your footing! [knees hitting mat, staff pressed against armored fabric, struggle, grunt] Jaime? Pin count?!
  • Silver Scarab: Oh, right! One! [grunt, struggle] Two! [growl, struggle] Three!
  • Robin: [wood clattering, angry growl] H- How did you win?
  • Arrowette: [chuckle] Daughter. Of. Arrow.
  • Robin: [sigh] Fine... What is your price?
  • Arrowette: [giggle, hands grappling armored fabric, moist lip smack, muffled mumble, soft moan, gasp, footsteps] Lesson over, Mister Wayne. [footsteps, door opens, footsteps, door closes]
  • Robin: [silence: 3.6 seconds] What... What just happened?
  • Silver Scarab: Dude, you got schooled! [laughter, alien chittering] I know, right?!
  • Supergirl: [footsteps] Are... Are you okay, Damian? You look... pale.
  • Robin: [sigh, silence: 2.6 seconds] Uh... What? Oh... Yes. Yes. I'm fine. [scoff, chuckle] It's nothing... [cape flapping, footsteps, clatter] Wipe the grin off your face, Jaime, and return to your corner.
  • Silver Scarab: You know, ese. if it's all the same, I think I'll let Emiko handle my stick fighting lessons from here on out. [chuckle, alien chittering, laughter]

Trivia and Notes

  • This scene was inspired by the Fan Chat.
  • Translation of Jaime's Spanish: "Alright, fool. You asked for it".

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