Meanwhile Elsewhere Part 2

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  • Ace: [door opens, footsteps: 2 instances, loaded bag dropped on concrete] Here's the stuff you requested.
  • Candice Yacoub: Thank you, Ace. I hope it wasn't too much trouble for y'all.
  • Ace: Actually, it was.
  • Candice Yacoub: We agreed on price. I'm not giving you a bonus.
  • Ace: [scoff, chuckle] Well, in that case... No problems.
  • Candice Yacoub: [paper rustling] Here you go. Your payment.
  • Colin Wilkes: What's this stuff for?
  • Candice Yacoub: A magical spell.
  • Colin Wilkes: Like... Real magic?
  • Candice Yacoub: Indeed. I'm a sorceress.
  • Colin Wilkes: Cool! Can you teach me?
  • Ace: Colin...
  • Candice Yacoub: It's fine. [sigh] Actually, I can teach you some things but I can't teach you this spell. You have to have a certain sort of blood type, magic blood if you will, in order to practice this kind of magic.
  • Colin Wilkes: I see... Kind of like how my blood is special and lets me synthe- syn- a- ty- sanitize- make Venom and make me strong. It's like your superpower is magic?
  • Candice Yacoub: [chuckle] Exactly, Colin. Very smart.
  • Joseph Kane: [footsteps] Oh, hey... You got the stuff. Good job, kids.
  • Ace: Come on, Colin... Let's give them some space... plus, I don't really want to be here when she starts casting her weird mumbo-jumbo.
  • Joseph Kane: [footsteps: 2 istances, door closes] You know, I heard some of that.
  • Candice Yacoub: Heard some of what?
  • Joseph Kane: You and Colin. You're pretty good with kids... expecially for someone who claims she hates kids.
  • Candice Yacoub: I don't hate kids, Joey... I just don't want any of my own.
  • Joseph Kane: Uh-huh...
  • Candice Yacoub: Serious. [zipper unzipping, fabric rustling, fabric falling on floor] I don't want kids.
  • Joseph Kane: She says as she undresses... you know how kids are made, right?
  • Candice Yacoub: Ha... Not so fast there, Joe-meo. I'm disrobing for the ritual, not for you...
  • Joseph Kane: Uh-huh...Well, even still. With all the, uh, rituals we've been doing, it's only a matter of time before-
  • Candice Yacoub: I'm stopping you there, buddy. I have taken magical precautions. Nothing personal with you, Joe... but I'm not taking any chance. We're not giving Slade Wilson a grandbaby with magical DNA.
  • Joseph Kane: Ah, come on! I've always wanted to sire the Omen child! We can name him Damian. [chuckle] Actually, no... Let's name him something else.
  • Candice Yacoub: You say it like we'd have a son...
  • Joseph Kane: Well, there's a 50/50 chance... and I was just making a joke.
  • Candice Yacoub: [chuckle] If we had a kid, it'd be a girl. I can promise you that, sweety.
  • Joseph Kane: Let me guess?
  • Candice Yacoub: You bet. Oh. You know what? we need one of your personal effects for the ritual. Will you jump over to the Sphere and get one?
  • Joseph Kane: We left our transporters on Themyscira. How do you suggest I get over there?
  • Candice Yacoub: [sigh, footsteps, fabric rustling, footsteps] Here zip me up. I'll open a magical portal and take us there.

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