ObMod Licking Wounds

ObMod: Licking Wounds



  • East End District, Gotham City, NJ
  • April 27th 2016, 2019 Local Time

VOX Archive

  • Batman: [pained grunt, footsteps, staggered footsteps, pained breathing] Ah-
  • Catwoman: I know... I've been there, too, babe. Come on. Just a little bit more
  • Batman: [pained grunt, footsteps, staggered footsteps, latch click, pained grunt, footsteps, staggered footsteps, fabric shifting, door opens, pained grunt, footsteps, staggered footsteps, pained hiss, door closes, pained hiss] Ah. Easy!
  • Catwoman: [scoff] Don't be such a baby.
  • Batman: [pained hiss, sigh, footsteps, staggered footsteps, clatter, latch click, fabric shifting, relieved sigh] I should call Alfred.
  • Catwoman: Nonsense, Wayne. He's completely across town...
  • Batman: Technically, he's not even in the city limits.
  • Catwoman: You're making my point for me.
  • Batman: [pained hiss] Nevertheless, the cave is better equip-
  • Catwoman: [scoff] It's not that serious, Bruce. [shove, off-balanced footsteps, clatter, body falling on couch] Stay! I'll be right back.
  • Batman: [pained hiss] Your bedside manner [voice modulator being handled, click, clatter] Bruce Wayne: leaves something to be desired.
  • Catwoman: [scoff] Oh really? Strange, I thought you liked it a little rough, Brucie... [scoff, chuckle, footsteps, latch click, footsteps, clatter, footsteps, zipper unzipped, gasp]
  • Selina Kyle: I mean, what else is therethat I got that all those trust fund blondes and the parade of supermodels with dady issues don't have? Hmm? [fabric clatter, silence: 5.2 seconds, naughty giggle, clatter, clatter, sigh] What's the matter, Bruce? Cat got your tonuge?
  • Bruce Wayne: You have much more than that... Here, let me show- [clatter, pained hiss, clatter, groan] On second thought, how about you come over here?
  • Selina Kyle: [giggle] A for effort, babe; but for now, hold that thought. Soon enough... Let me get my kit. [bare footsteps]
  • Bruce Wayne: [long sigh, clatter, belt unsnapping, clatter, clatter, clatter, relieved sigh, grunt, fabric shifting, fabric shifting, long sigh, groan, pained groan, clatter, pained groan]
  • Selina Kyle: [distant:] What are you doing? I hope you're not starting without me!
  • Bruce Wayne: [groan, sigh] I can't get my boots off...
  • Selina Kyle: [scoff] [distant:] Leave them, I'll help you in a moment!
  • Bruce Wayne: [groan, sigh] I'm not helpless. It's just a sprain... [pained hiss] I think.
  • Selina Kyle: [distant & stern:] Leave them, Bruce Alan Wayne, or so help me...
  • Bruce Wayne: [groan, sore chuckle] Fine. I'm leaving them! I'm leaving them. [silence: 17.2 seconds, long sigh, pained hiss, silence: 11.2 seconds, clatter, sigh, pained hiss, silence: 7.2 seconds, throat clears] Thanks for showing up when you did.
  • Selina Kyle: [distant chuckle] [distant:] Don't thank me yet... You might die on my couch, Bruce. I'm not properly equipped'.
  • Bruce Wayne: [groan, sore chuckle] Okay. Point taken. I'll shut up now... [bare footsteps, disappointed sigh] A robe?
  • Selina Kyle: [scoff, bare footsteps] I'm not treating your wounds in the buff. I'd be too afraid of you associating injuries with your sex life and you leaving me for Joker... I got to be honest, I'm already kinda jealous of the clown and your's relationship.
  • Bruce Wayne: [groan] You're not as funny as you think you are.
  • Selina Kyle: [giggle, bare footsteps, chair dragging across floor] Who is making a joke? [silence: 2.8 seconds, giggle, stifled giggle, sigh, throat clears, silence: 2.1 seconds, breath through teeth] Wow, you got some new scars on you since last time.
  • Bruce Wayne: [groan, sore chuckle] I've been to quite a few wild parties...
  • Selina Kyle: [clatter, clatter, fabric dipped in liquid, liquid sloshing, chuckle] What kind of party does that?
  • Bruce Wayne: [pained groan] Iceberg Lounge. December. Cobblepot stiffed Freeze on ar arms deal. I took glancing a blow from Freeze's cannon.
  • Selina Kyle: [liquid sloshing, liquid dripping, wet fabric wringing out, liquid pouring, wet fabric wiping] How about that one?
  • Bruce Wayne: That's old. You've seen that one before. Debris from one of Roxy Rocket's jet-cycles crashing into a wall.
  • Selina Kyle: Ah. Right... Now I recall. [liquid splashing, liquid sloshing, liquid dripping, wet fabric wringing out]
  • Bruce Wayne: I believe so.
  • Selina Kyle: [wet fabric wiping, sigh] And this one?
  • Bruce Wayne: That's even older... Much older.
  • Selina Kyle: [silence: 2.1 seconds] Do you remember how you got it?
  • Bruce Wayne: I remember the how, the when, the where, the who...
  • Selina Kyle: Is that so?
  • Bruce Wayne: April 22nd.
  • Selina Kyle: Five days ago?
  • Bruce Wayne: Five days... and eighteen years, to be precise.
  • Selina Kyle: Has it been so long?
  • Bruce Wayne: I had only been Batman for less than a month. It was your first night in leather... Well, cat-themed leather
  • Selina Kyle: [giggle] You tried to warn me about you.
  • Bruce Wayne: Not how I remember it... I remember warning you about Falcone being dangerous.
  • Selina Kyle: [scoff] And look how wrong you were...
  • Bruce Wayne: [scoff, chuckle] Yeah, you proved to be much more dangerous than he ever was.
  • Selina Kyle: Mmm... How I love it when you flatter me so... [long sigh]
  • Bruce Wayne: [long sigh] Come here and let me flatter you more.
  • Selina Kyle: Your injuries...
  • Bruce Wayne: [scoff] You told me not to be such a baby and to let you treat me... [moist lip smack, passionate moaning, long sigh] Ican think of no better treat than-
  • Selina Kyle: [chuckle] Don't ruin this moment with a bad one-liner... [giggle] Just kiss me again.
  • Bruce Wayne: [scoff] Yes, ma'am. [moist lip smack, passionate moaning, kissing, gasp, kissing, clatter, pained groan, kissing, fabric shifting, fabric tearing, gasp, giggle, fingers kneading flesh, pained grunt, naughty giggle, moist lip smack, kissing, passionate moaning, pained grunt, naughty giggle, clatter]
  • Selina Kyle: [whisper:] Bruce, let's take this to the bed... [clatter, gasp, pained hiss, staggered footsteps] Bruce, wait! No... What are you doing?!
  • Bruce Wayne: [pained hiss, staggered footsteps] Taking you to bed, Selina Kyle...
  • Selina Kyle: I can get there on my own two feet! Your condition! Listen to you... You're in pain!
  • Bruce Wayne: [pained hiss, staggered footsteps] You're just going to have to make it up for me...
  • Selina Kyle: [snort, giggle] Oh, is that so?
  • Bruce Wayne: [staggered footsteps, pained grunt, gasp, body bounicng on mattress] It's so... [pained grunt, staggered footsteps, body lowered to mattress, pained sigh]
  • Selina Kyle: Should i kiss you better then? [crawling on mattress, long sigh, moist lip smack, passionate moaning] How is this? [kissing, kissing, hands kneading flesh]
  • Bruce Wayne: [pained hiss, kissing, relieved sigh] It's a start... [moist lip smack, passionate moaning, hands kneading flesh: 4 instances, gasp, naughty giggle, moist lip smack]

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