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  • Tot Rodor: [grunt, limping footsteps] What's all this now? I didn't say you could park in my garage... and I certainly didn't tell you to bring that biggun in here!
  • Angel O'Day: Oh, hush now, old man. You're going to hurt Sam's feelings.
  • Tot Rodor: He doesn't have feelings... He's an animal. Sorry, Sam. No offense.
  • Angel O'Day: You're apologizing for offending someone you say doesn't have feelings?
  • Tot Rodor: I'm an old man. I don't need to make sense... just like you don't need to make so much [expletive] noise! Goodness! The whole neighborhood is going to be beating on my door.
  • Sam Simeon: It's not us...
  • Tot Rodor: Then what the- What is that? Is it coming from your trunk?
  • Angel O'Day: Yeah... We were kind of hoping we could use your interrogation cell... and maybe some truth serum?
  • Tot Rodor: You kidnapped someone?! And then brought them to my house?! Do you have any idea what the cops would do to me if they found out you brought a kidnap victim here?
  • Sam Simeon: I'm sure they'd arrest you.
  • Tot Rodor: Exactly-
  • Sam Simeon: For the explosives right there, the illegal guns over there, and the evidence of at least a dozen recent breaking and enterings over there. [sniff] Is that a joint in your pocket?
  • Tot Rodor: Hey! [hand slapping hand] I have a prescription... forged, but still...
  • Angel O'Day: And that doesn't even get to what's on your computer.
  • Tot Rodor: Fine, you made your point and now that you pointed that out and are doing nothing about it, you're my accomplices as much as I am unwillingly yours. Pop the trunk.
  • Angel O'Day: Would you like to hide your face?
  • Tot Rodor: I leave the masks for Renee and Vic... [long sigh] This face doesn't wear masks.
  • Angel O'Day: [tongue click] Can't improve on perfection, huh?
  • Tot Rodor: Kind of you to say, Ang... You're getting better with your lying. [trunk opens, scream, grunt, grapple, kick, whack, kick, scream, whack, kick, scream] She looks familiar. Who is she?
  • Sam Simeon: Son of Batman groupie we think. [grunt, body dropped on floor, silence: 2.1 seconds]
  • Bette Kane: I'm not a groupie! I'm the secretary of the Club and the Saint's Bat-Girl.
  • Tot Rodor: Is that so? [scoff] Well, I had no idea we were in the presence of such royalty. [scoff] No one cares, princess. I'll go get you the interrogation cocktails. [limping footsteps]
  • Angel O'Day: What do you know about the Terry McGinnis kidnapping? Where are they taking him?
  • Sam Simeon: Tell us now before we get around to the chemicals. Believe me, it'll be much easier on you this way.
  • Bette Kane: It's like I told you, I'd tell you if I knew... It's just... My brain is so confused right now. I don't know what's going on. It's like... It's like things are getting hazier by the minute!
  • Angel O'Day: That true, Sammy?
  • Sam Simeon: Actually, yes. She is not being deceptive and her memories are filling with gaps and a strange fugue. It's not psychic in nature... but... hmmph... magic, maybe?
  • Tot Rodor: [limping footsteps] Not magic... Well, not Earthly magic... [metallic clank] Vic and I studied occultism together. I learned to recognize different sorts of magic.
  • Angel O'Day: Yeah? And what's this one?
  • Tot Rodor: Never seen this kind before, but I've heard it described to me and found enough research on the dark webs to verify its existence. It's Apokalyptan.
  • Angel O'Day: Ain't that the alien who killed a couple Senators a while back? She is doing this to this girl?
  • Tot Rodor: Nah... There's a lot of Apokalyptans on Earth.
  • Sam Simeon: More or less than the reptilian bodysnatchers?
  • Tot Rodor: Ba-ha-ha! Says the telepathic gorilla from an invisible city! [chuckle] I'm serious... Especially, in this blasted city... In fact this whole city was built to seal an Apokalyptan bat demon in its magical prison.
  • Bette Kane: Barbatos? You're referring to Barbatos? He... It... Whatever... It's a demon?!
  • Angel O'Day: You heard of this thing before?
  • Bette Kane: Yes... It's the reason we took the... Ah! Lost it... What's happening to me?!
  • Tot Rodor: Some sort of geas, I'd wager. You broke some mystical oath and you're being punished for it. What oaths have you pledged?
  • Bette Kane: Magical oaths? [scoff, chuckle] Nothing. Seri- Uh... Well, no... I mean... Blackfire. He's had us all swear oaths in some really weird ways before.

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