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  • Jack Dahl: What's the matter, Sammy-boy? [firecrackers in distance]
  • Sam Kane: Nothing... It was a good birthday. Thanks Uncle Jack.
  • Lizzie Dahl: Ye don't look like everythin' is all hunky-dory. Ye look like we made ye eat yer dog. [firecrackers in a distance]
  • Sam Kane: I just miss my brother is all.
  • Jack Dahl: Like I said, Sam, Joey's doing better and once he's fine he'll be by to see you as soon as he can. Yeah? [enhancement: boom tube opening in distant room] Huh?
  • Sam Kane: It's better than nothing. I just wish he was here today. [footsteps: 2 instances, boom tube closing, distant door opening, footsteps: 2 instances, firecrackers in a distance]
  • Jack Dahl: Shh, Sam... Lizzie and Sam, get behind me... [footsteps, knife blade scraping tabletop, gasp] It's alright. Once I engage, you two bolt for the door? Understand?
  • Lizzie Dahl: Understood.
  • Joseph Kane: [footsteps] Easy there, Jack... [firecrackers in a distance] It's me!
  • Sam Kane: Joey?! [rapid footsteps, footsteps suddenly halted] Hey?! What gives? Put me down! [hand striking leather sleeve]
  • Jack Dahl: Easy there, squirt... [firecrackers in a distance] One second. Joe, what're you doing here? Who is with you? I heard two footsteps. [firecrackers in a distance]
  • Candice Yacoub: It's me, Jack. Candice...
  • Jack Dahl: What're you two doing here?! No way Joe's over the Nth madness yet... Is he? [firecrackers in a distance]
  • Candice Yacoub: We're keeping it in check. [firecrackers in a distance] He's been making great strides. He just wants to see his brother on the kid's birthday. I felt-
  • Jack Dahl: I know birthday surprises are a tradiont, but this? Joey can't be ready for this. [firecrackers in a distance] Sorry, Joe, you know I love you like a brother, mate, I really do, but... some forewarning?
  • Joseph Kane: I... I understand.
  • Sam Kane: I don't! Let me see my brother! [whack, body striking wall, drywall cracking] Holy [expletive]!
  • Lizzie Dahl: Daddy! [rapid footsteps] Ye okay? [firecrackers in a distance]
  • Jack Dahl: Just had the wind knocked out of me , Lizzie, that's all... [groan] No need for concern now, love. [firecrackers in a distance]
  • Sam Kane: I... I'm sorry. I don't know how I did-
  • Joseph Kane: That's the genes for you... I... I had that, too. Spurts of adrenaline and- [sigh] I'm sorry, Sam. Maybe Jack's right. Maybe I'm not ready to see- [rapid footsteps, embrace] Aww...
  • Sam Kane: I won't get mad again. I won't do that again! I promise! Just... [voice cracking] Just don't go... [firecrackers in a distance]
  • Lizzie Dahl: Sammy ! Yer brother ain't himself... He looks right and proper now, but... [firecrackers in a distance] But he could snap any minute! Get away from-
  • Jack Dahl: Lizzie-dear... That's enough. Let them say their peace... [firecrackers in a distance] I'll make sure nothing happens, I promise.
  • Joseph Kane: Thanks, Jack... Look, Sam-
  • Sam Kane: Whatever you're going to say, I don't care! I just want my brother! [firecrackers in a distance]
  • Candice Yacoub: [sigh] May I? Thanks... [footsteps] Hey, Sam. My name is Candy. I'm a friend of your brother's-
  • Sam Kane: [scoff] I remember you, Candy. You're my brother's girlfriend. [firecrackers in a distance]
  • Candice Yacoub: [nervous chuckle] Well, I don't know about that- [firecrackers in a distance]
  • Sam Kane: Seriously, I'm not a baby. I know what girlfriends are. You and Joseph had sleepovers. You're a girl and he's a boy... So, you're his girlfriend. I have one, too.
  • Candice Yacoub: You do, do you? [firecrackers in a distance]
  • Sam Kane: Yeah, I've been sleeping in Lizzie's room. That makes us boyfriend and girlfriend. Kids at school say girls have cooties, but I've done research. They don't exist. [firecrackers in a distance]
  • Candice Yacoub: Oh, my... Aren't you the ladies' man? [chuckle] Well, you're right. I am your brother's girlfriend, but I'm also like his doctor... and I'm very close to making him all better. I just need you to wait a bit.
  • Sam Kane: [sigh] Fine... But when he comes back, i want to go back to living in our own apartment... [whisper enhancement:] I like Lizzie and all, but she keeps me up at night... She's kinda loud.
  • Joseph Kane: [firecrackers in a distance] Of course, we will, Sam. I promise. Alright? We good? You have a good birthday?
  • Sam Kane: The best one yet! [embrace, firecrackers in a distance]

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