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Trivia and Notes

  • Story continues from ObMod: Family Secrets 26.
  • Story continues in ObMod: Dangerous Ground 1.
  • End of the "Family Secrets" arc: Here is the finale of the Family Secrets storyline. This storyline has been a fun one. It deviated significantly from where I originally had planned it but it gave me a means to introduce some interesting concepts like the Department of Continuity, the League of Assassins' altruistic side, the proper introduction of CRIME, the Crisis of Infinite Fangirls, and more. I know there are many questions left unanswered here. Some will be told in much smaller stand-alone stories and others will be left for you to extrapolate from later ObMods and VOX Boxes (and if there is a demand for them, I may make those into proper scenes as well). Right now my focus will be on concluding the other big stories: Dangerous Ground, Task at Hand, and Outlawed so I can get Earth-27 ready for an accelerated jump back to the present and return to a living timeline format. But rest assured, at the very least, you will see the fate of Sam Kane, Lizzie Dahl, the cute critters, Sam Simeon, Terry McGinnis, and of course Silas' precious van play out soon! (Roy)
  • Rina was last seen with Nathan Scofield in Oracle Files: Erik Kassidy 1

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