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Trivia and Notes

  • Story continues from ObMod: Family Secrets 9.
  • Story continues in ObMod: Family Secrets 12.
  • Debut of Patty Spivot/Hot Pursuit, the Continuity Precinct, Fang-Girl, Trollgirl, "Arkham X", and Jasonstroke.
  • It is hinted that the Chief of the Department of Continuity is Jonni, DC, the original Continuity Cop in the comics.
  • The breach causing the fractures happened in ObMod: Cabin Fever 25.
  • The ETSFN is the Earth-27 for Nitwits.
  • The "Underside" is below the "foundation" and is where trolls live, this is a meta commentary to trolls and haters that constantly attack the "foundations" of Earth-27. Trollgirl is a representation of these trolls, and her complaints about the Green Lanterns, Peanut Butter and Chocolate, and Hawkman are nods to comments from trolls attacking Earth-27 in DeviantArt. "Doodles" is what some of them call the Artifacts.
  • Officer Buzantimu never having Peanut Butter with Chocolate is a nod to his creator never having either.
  • Female Arkham X is based on Sister Sin, part of the universe where Arkham X was first introduced by the creator of both, but Sister Sin was never introduced as an artifact in Earth-27.
  • The missing spatial anomaly is most likely Golden Angel. She goes against the personal beliefs of the Fatewriter because she is a daughter of Wonder Woman and Batman, who have never had children in Earth-27.

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