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  • Flag: [door opens, padded footfalls, beer bottle lid hiss, sigh, clatter, gulp, gulp, sigh] Got the house to myself. Let's see what's on the ol' boob tube... Hopefully boobs. [click] Ah... There we go... Between Em's cable package and Angie's alcohol supply, I am living the dream. [chuckle, swig, gulp, sigh, distant coughing, chuckle, swig, gulp, sigh, distant scratching, distant groaning, door opens]
  • Mascot: [rapid pawsteps, cough] [strained:] Sticky.
  • Flag: What the hell?
  • Mascot: [cough] [strained:] Sticky!
  • Flag: Uh... [screentap, screentap] Let's us see... KordSearch... Gotham City exterminators... Is there one 'T' in city or two?
  • Mascot: [cough] [strained:] Sticky!
  • Flag: Okay... Em's got some messed up rodents. I guess Angie was right, she should clean her apartment more often.
  • Mascot: [wheeze] [faint:] Sticky!
  • Flag: Huh, sounds like you're choking... How about that? Maybe I can hold off on the exterminator.
  • Mascot: [thud, wheeze, wheeze] [faint:] Sticky?
  • Flag: Why are you looking at me like that? [scoff, click, click, television volume increased, broadcast: rhythmic music and moaning, naughty chuckle] Oh. That's interesting. [swig, gulp, sigh] Honestly, not sure if I knew humans could do that... [swig, faint wheeze, broadcast: rhythmic music and moaning, slow gulp, groan] Could you have the decency to not stare at me as the light fades from your eyes?
  • Mascot: [wheeze:] Stic... ky? [gag, thud]
  • Flag: [swig, gulp, long groan, clatter, padded footfalls, grapple] Okay, fine, furball... Let me see here. [wheeze, gag] Ew... Stop your squirming, you overgrown rat-thing. Ah... There it is. Something in your throat... [wheeze, gag, obstructed cough] Hold still. Dammit. I almost got it. [wheeze, gag, obstructed cough] Almost got it. [hacking cough, relieved gasp] Ha! I got a... hairball?! Ew! Nasty! [clatter, clank, clank] Huh? What's that? A furball shouldn't sound like that... What did you eat?
  • Mascot: Sticky sugar!
  • Flag: Sticky sugar? Cotton candy? I hate to break it to you. That ain't cotton candy.
  • Mascot: Sticky sugar. Sticky!
  • Flag: Wait... You're talking... Earth rats don't talk. What are you?
  • Mascot: Sweet. [metallic clatter]
  • Flag: Wait. You have a collar? Lemme see that. [padded footfalls, metallic clatter] Mascot? Huh... oh and it says here on the back: "if found, please return to Ellie MacKay..." Wait a minute! I've been replaced!
  • Mascot: [whack, angry chittering, smack, thud] Sticky! [angry chittering, growling]
  • Flag: Yeah, I kicked you. What you gonna do about it?
  • Mascot: Sticky sticky! [growling]
  • Flag: Yeah, sticky sticky back at you ,bub. You brought this on yourself, moving in on my Ellie!
  • Mascot: Sugar sweet! Sticky sticky!
  • Flag: You make no sense!
  • Mascot: Sticky sticky sticky stuff!
  • Flag: Yeah, well, back at you!
  • Mascot: [growling, rapid footsteps] Sticky! [chomp]
  • Flag: Ow! Dammit! that hurt! Let go of my arm... I'm not a damn chew-toy, you-
  • Mark Mish: [door opens, footsteps, door closes] Oh, Flag... You know where I can find Mike?
  • Flag: Uh... One moment, man... I got a monster rat gnawing on my arm right now.
  • Mark Mish: Mascot! Let go of him!
  • Mascot: [thud, rapid scampering, angry chittering]
  • Mark Mish: Huh, wonder what got into him... He looks like he's having just a bad a day as I am.
  • Flag: And you are? One of Em's younger boy toys, I presume? Who... for some reason is not alarmed at all by a talking sock monkey in front of you and somehow knows how to communicate with rat-things?
  • Mark Mish: Ha... Is that your way of saying you don't want to acknowledge me in these shades? I'm sorry. They're not the most trendy, I know. [clatter] I had to make do with what I could find. For some reason, I woke up in my old dorm room. Weird, huh?
  • Flag: Yeah... Tell me about it. Everything about my last five minutes has been super weird... Who are you, again? Seriously, this time.
  • Mark Mish: It's me... It's Mark.
  • Flag: Did you deliver a calzone that one time I ordered from Tony's before Angie yelled at me not to order delivery food?
  • Mark Mish: Flag, come on, what's going on with you? Look at my eyes, man... We're blood-brothers.
  • Flag: Wait... Hold on... Whoa... Whoa...
  • Mark Mish: You remember now?
  • Flag: Nope, I'm sorry... I just needed to watch that. You see that, man? This was some top quality porno there.
  • Mark Mish: [growl, clatter, glass shattering, sparks] I'm being serious, Flag!
  • Flag: Okay... I see that now, but... but... did you have to break the damn TV, Mick?
  • Mark Mish: Mark.
  • Flag: I thought you said "Mike".
  • Mark Mish: I was looking for Mike. He stays here a lot.
  • Flag: Who is Mick?
  • Mark Mish: I don't know. You said Mick, not me.
  • Flag: Wait, now... Mike?
  • Mark Mish: Yes. Mike.
  • Flag: Is that what "Em" is short for?
  • Mark Mish: What? No!
  • Flag: Well, then who the hell is Mike then?
  • Mark Mish: Mike! The A/V club looking kid, good with bow and arrow?
  • Flag: ... oh... right... okay... I know what you're talking about now. He was here last night, but Angie kicked him out.
  • Mark Mish: Angie kicked Mike out? What for?
  • Flag: Putting the moves on Ellie.
  • Mark Mish: What?! You serious? What happened to Leon?
  • Flag: Leon? Whoa, I've been drinking too much for this conversation... or not enough... Probably not enough. [padded footfalls, swig, swig, swig, gulp, long sigh] Okay, who is Leon?
  • Mark Mish: Ellie's boyfriend.
  • Flag: I thought that was Mike...
  • Mark Mish: Mike? No... They're friends, but... Well, I don't know... What something happened.
  • Flag: Okay, and you are... Connor?
  • Mark Mish: What's wrong with you? Your memory is especially awful today...
  • Flag: Yeah... Tell me about it.
  • Mark Mish: Wait, what's this doing on the floor? [footsteps, clatter, rustling] Em's gem?
  • Flag: Em's? Whoa, no way. If that's valuable, that's mine. I pulled it out of that rat-thing. Not Em... Hey, wait... Why is it shinning like that?
  • Mark Mish: I think... I think it's reacting to my devil essence.
  • Flag: Devil essence? What now? You have devil essence, too?
  • Mark Mish: Dude... You gave it to me.
  • Flag: Whoa, I must have been really drunk. I honestly don't remember how long its been since I laid with a dude... Whoa, how old are you again?
  • Mark Mish: Blood transfusion...
  • Flag: Oh... Right... Wait, so, when did this happen?
  • Mark Mish: When Mike skewered me.
  • Flag: Oh, so Mike guy... He plays the field, huh? Well, I'm telling Ellie to break it off with him. He sounds like a real jerk.
  • Mark Mish: Wait a minute... I shouldn't be alive... the Anti-Monitor stomped on my head in... Yes... In Slaughter Swamp... with Panthra. [gasp] Panthra! We got to go find Panthra!
  • Flag: Uh... Okay... Say, can i hold onto that gem for a bit... and on an unrelated note, i think I heard that Panthra guy is hanging around the pawn shop five blocks over. Let's start there, yeah?

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