ObMod Deja Vu 20

ObMod: Deja Vu 20



  • East End, Gotham City, NJ
  • February 1st 2017, 2105 Local Time

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Trivia and Notes

  • Part of the Artifacts Storyline.
  • Story continues from ObMod: Deja Vu 19.
  • Story continues in ObMod: Deja Vu 21.
  • Throughout the ObMod, Anna quotes Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. While it may sound like crazy ramblings, she is actually referring to the events of the Reboot in a very meta way.
  • Puma's background has also been drastically changed with the reboot. He started using the Suicide moniker, and it was not until months later in the previous timeline that Ted Grant gave Puma his old Wildcat mask, as seen in ObMod: Meanwhile Elsewhere 1.
  • Puma also feels that he spent time with his brother before being torn apart, because they reconnected in the previous timeline as seen in VOX Box: Team Building Exercises 25.

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