Crumbling Walls

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  • Themyscira, Paradise Island
  • July 27th 2017, 0027 EST

VOX Archive

  • Joseph Kane: [gasp, heavy breathing] It's okay. It's okay... it was just a nightmare.
  • Deathstroke: [footsteps] I wouldn't be so certain of that, boy...
  • Cheshire: [rapid footsteps, whack, thud] Not so fast there, Joey... [fabric, hitting body] Don't forget your pants.
  • Candice Yacoub: [lip smack] Joey, is everything o- [gasp, scream, stumbling footsteps, hiss]
  • Deathstroke: Pretty gal you've got here, son. It'd be a shame if something were to happen to her.
  • Joseph Kane: You hurt her and I swear I'll ki- [whack, thud]
  • Cheshire: No talking. Shut up and listen.
  • Candice Yacoub: How did you find us?
  • Deathstroke: Coming to Themyscira was a neat idea. Through me for a loop for a while, but there's only a few places you could possibly hide. Once we penetrated Themyscira's barrier, I immediately sensed my son's presence.
  • Candice Yacoub: How did you get-
  • Deathstroke: I am a member of the League of Assassins. A few chicks with sticks and swords aren't that too difficult to get past.
  • Joseph Kane: What do you want? If it's me you've come for, fine... Just leave-
  • Cheshire: [whack, grunt, thud] What did I say, Joey? Stop talking and just listen.
  • Joseph Kane: Fine... I'm listening.
  • Deathstroke: Ra's al Ghul has asked us to extend you one chance to come back into the fold. so, son, what do you say?
  • Joseph Kane: If I refuse, I assume you kill me?
  • Deathstroke: Me? No... I will not kill my son, no matter how stupid he's being.
  • Joseph Kane: Didn't seem that way when you tried to shoot me a few months ago.
  • Deathstroke: You weren't thinking clearly.
  • Joseph Kane: Oh and a high-speed lead injection was meant to cure that, huh? Thanks, dad.
  • Deathstroke: I am trying to help you, no matter how much you refuse to see logic and listen to reason.
  • Joseph Kane: I don't subscribe to your brand of 'reason', father. Just order Cheshire to kill me and spare me your twisted allegories.
  • Cheshire: Boss?
  • Deathstroke: [sigh] Make it quick...
  • Candice Yacoub: [mystical spell]
  • Cheshire: [unearthly hiss, bones cracking, ground opening, bones rattling] What the hell is this?
  • Deathstroke: Damn girl's a necromancer! [skeletal shifting, unearthly hiss, biting on armor] Ah! One's got me!
  • Cheshire: [whack, whack, bones breaking, whack] Where are they coming from?!
  • Candice Yacoub: [rapid footsteps] Come on, Joey... Let's go. This way... [mystical spell] [stones shifting] Hurry. Down here. Watch your head! [rapid footsteps]
  • Cheshire: They're getting away! [whack, bones scattering]
  • Deathstroke: Don't just stand there! After them! [thud, unearthly hissing] What the- [sword slice, bones scattering] Go! I'll catch up!
  • Joseph Kane: [rapid descending footsteps] Where'd the skeletons come from?
  • Candice Yacoub: Circe used the bones of the Amazons' enemies as mortar in her tower... A rather common Amazonian building principle. I merely summoned the spirits of the departed to aid us.
  • Joseph Kane: The ease at which you say such things is alarming... [rapid descending footsteps] Ew... Wait a minute... We've been sleeping on dead people?
  • Candice Yacoub: You can freak about it when we get to the boat! Come this way down! [rapid footsteps]
  • Joseph Kane: Boat?! We should have grabbed the transporters and Boom Tubed out of- [whack, thud]
  • Cheshire: Not so fast there, Joey...
  • Candice Yacoub: [mystical spell] [mystical screech, metallic slash, mystic energies dissipating] Let him go, Cheshire.
  • Cheshire: You know, you'd almost look threatening if you were bare a- Ah! [scream, body dropping on knees, scream] What is... [scream]
  • Candice Yacoub: Don't look at me, Joey... I didn't do anything...
  • Cheshire: [gasp] [unearthly echo overlaying VOX:] No. This is my doing... No time to explain. Go. Run. I'll hold Cheshire and our father back, but you must be quick. She is willful. [footsteps] I'm serious, brother! Take your friend! Go, now!

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