Cabin Fever Part 19

ObMod: Cabin Fever 19



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Trivia and Notes

  • Part of the Artifacts Storyline.
  • Story continues from ObMod: Cabin Fever 18.
  • Story continues in ObMod: Cabin Fever 20.
  • The Anti-Monitor almost "killed" Underworld in ObMod: Underworld Gone Underground 7.
  • The Monitor has been missing since ObMod: Cabin Fever 1, when the Artifacts aboard the Monitor Sphere were untethered from reality.
  • It is revealed that Underworld is behind the strange behavior in some of the Artifacts.
  • There was no additive put in Panthra's toxin. Underworld was sneaking around the ship, injecting people after she pricked them to make it look like she was even more dangerous. With his new telepathy, he knew when it happened and where to find them before the others. He also knew about Panthra's "condition" and chose right before that happened to alert the Anti-Monitor to hit them with the spatial anomaly, thereby getting all those people together trapped in the Sphere, too busy fighting one of their own. He would have done very little to Panthra on account of her ability to sense telepathy screwing with her.

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