Cabin Fever Monitor's Cut 'He Did It'

ObMod: Cabin Fever: Monitor's Cut "He Did It"



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  • Nathan Scofield: So... Did you?
  • Flagerethon: No.
  • Nathan Scofield: Don't hold out on me, monkey. Tell me the truth.
  • Flagerethon: I am... Why does everyone think I'm lying all the time.
  • Nathan Scofield: You had her right there and you didn't do anything? I don't believe it. You're lying for some reason. Oh, did she give you ticks? Is that is? [chuckle] It's okay, man. I've been there. Believe me.
  • Flagerethon: That's not what... Wait, you've got STD's? From Rina?
  • Nathan Scofield: [scoff] No. What I meant is I've got ticks. Arkham's filthy, man. [sigh, sip, plastic wrapping crinkling]
  • Flagerethon: How many of those crackers are you going to eat, man?!
  • Nathan Scofield: What? They're good... [squish, squish, bite, chew]
  • Flagerethon: And what's the peanut butter? Who brings a jar of peanut butter to a bar? And who dips crackers in pea-
  • Nathan Scofield: [swallow] Look, I don't judge you-
  • Flagerethon: Yes, you do!
  • Nathan Scofield: [chuckle] Yeah... I do, shorty.
  • Adamantae: [door opens, sigh] Yeah. I found him... He's in here!
  • Flagerethon: [sigh, tongue click] What did you do this time?
  • Nathan Scofield: [scoff] Oh, who the hell I knows? It's too hard to keep track anymore.
  • Flagerethon: [footsteps: 2 instances] Oh, [expletive]. Rina's here, too. She looks pissed.
  • Nathan Scofield: Oh, great... [sigh, gulp, gulp, glass slammed on countertop, sigh] Look, before you start, just let me say-
  • Rina Nishida: [moist lip smack] Good work finding him for us, hottie. I'll reward you later.
  • Nathan Scofield: Huh?
  • Adamantae: We've been looking everywhere for you.
  • Flagerethon: Me?
  • Nathan Scofield: Him?
  • Adamantae: This is the third time we've taken a break from practicing the ritual so you could take a leak and this is the third time that you haven't come back without us going to track you down.
  • Flagerethon: [chuckle] Oh, yeah... That's what I was doing. Sorry, I forgot.
  • Nathan Scofield: Oh yeah... How's that going, Rina?
  • Rina Nishida: [sigh] Fine. Why do you ask?
  • Nathan Scofield: I heard it's a nekkid ritual. [lascivious chuckle] You selling tickets?
  • Adamantae: This is a simple rehearsal, X. Clothes remain on.
  • Rina Nishida: Yeah... Sucks, huh? [scoff] Now, Flag, how can you possibly forget that consistently? Are you that stupid?!
  • Flagerethon: No. [scoff] I'm just that lazy. [chuckle] Okay... Just let me finish my beer. [empty bottle picked up, scoff] Eh... This one? [empty bottle picked up, groan] Fine, let's- whoa! Hey! Put me down! [grunt, grunt] Can you at least not carry me by tail? [boom, soft thud, thud: 3 instances, glass shattering] What'd we hit?!

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