Beyond Crisis 4

ObMod: Beyond Crisis 4



  • The Docks, Gotham City, NJ
  • August 11th 2017, 0020 EST

VOX Archive

  • Angel O'Day: [water dripping, footsteps] Is that-?
  • Sam Simeon: A head? [water dripping from wrung tie] Hmmph. It seems so.
  • Angel O'Day: [groan, water dripping] What is wrong with this city?!
  • Jean-Paul Valley: [footsteps, chuckle] It's got character, that's for sure. Stick around and maybe I can show you some of it's redeeming qualities.
  • Angel O'Day: [scoff, water dripping] Cool it, crotch jockey. I'm not interested.
  • Jean-Paul Valley: [chuckle] Oh, come on... I can think of worse ways to spend an evening-
  • Sam Simeon: [water dripping, footsteps] Hmmph. So can I... Like nursing a broken jaw?
  • Jean-Paul Valley: [nervous chuckle] Oh, easy there, big guy. I get it... Okay? She's not interested.
  • Azrael: [footsteps, cape flapping] Still no sign of Mutant. Looks like he bailed. We should, too. Cops will be here soon.
  • Jean-Paul Valley: You sticking around to say hello to the uniforms?
  • Angel O'Day: No... I don't know how to explain this.
  • Jean-Paul Valley: Can I give you a lift?
  • Sam Simeon: Hmmph... We'll manage.
  • Jean-Paul Valley: [chuckle] Suit yourself, Kong. Come on, buddy. Let's go. [rapid footsteps: 2 instances, distant police siren]
  • Sam Simeon: Hmmph... [distant police siren] Good riddance.
  • Angel O'Day: Careful, Sammy. You're starting to look jealous. [footsteps]
  • Sam Simeon: [footsteps] Jealous? [distant police siren] Of him? Hmmph... [snort]
  • Angel O'Day: [chuckle] Just admit it. [footsteps]
  • Sam Simeon: [snort] Hmmph... [footsteps]
  • Angel O'Day: [distant police siren] You think I'm gorgeous. [footsteps]
  • Sam Simeon: [snort] I don't think you're gorgeous... [footsteps]
  • Angel O'Day: You think I'm gorgeous. [footsteps] You want to kiss me. [distant police siren]
  • Sam Simeon: No one's looking... Please stop it. It's annoying.
  • Angel O'Day: [distant police siren] Or what?
  • Sam Simeon: Or I do this- [snort, stifled scream, grapple, chuckle, rapid quadrupedal movement, clank, clank, grunt, grunt]
  • Angel O'Day: Or you'll take me onto a secluded rooftop? Wow, Sammy... How romant- [cthonic crackle, distant police siren] [whisper enhancement:] Sammy, what is that?
  • Anti-Monitor: Joseph Blackfire... We have need of your power and rage. Rise again! [cthonic crackle, distant police siren]

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