Beyond Crisis 3

ObMod: Beyond Crisis 3



  • The Docks, Gotham City, NJ
  • August 11th 2017, 0007 EST

VOX Archive

  • Sam Simeon: [boom, whoosh, heavy body hitting concrete, body bouncing, body skidding, groan] Okay... Stronger than I thought.
  • Hyper-Adapter: Surrender, creature, and I shall grant you a painless release from existence.
  • Angel O'Day: Get away from my ape! [gunshot]
  • Hyper-Adapter: [pained hiss] Enough with the bullets... [mystical thrum, scream, body hitting wall, thud, bestial roar, rapid quadrupedal movement, slam, body smashing through wall]
  • Sam Simeon: Angel! [rapid quadrupedal movement] Babe? You good?
  • Angel O'Day: Yeah... [groan, stumbling footsteps] The concrete here broke my fall.
  • Sam Simeon: Where'd the FBI agent go?
  • Angel O'Day: I gave her the keys to your car and told her to get the kid to the hospital.
  • Sam Simeon: Good... and Valley?
  • Jean-Paul Valley: [footsteps] I'm here, monkey man... and I'm not alone.
  • Azrael: [footsteps on metal rooftop, whoosh, feet landing on concrete, cape flapping] Sorry I'm late.
  • Angel O'Day: Those are some interesting swords you got there, boys... You get those from the mall?
  • Jean-Paul Valley: Mock the blades of Sin and Salvation if you must, but these are going to be what put down Hyper-Adapter... not your guns or gorillas.
  • Angel O'Day: Hyper-Adapter?
  • Jean-Paul Valley: It's from the texts which Blackfire would indoctrinate my people with. The avatar of Barbatos.
  • Angel O'Day: Okay, I'm with you now, Sammy... I'm over Gotham. Let's go back to solving lost pet cases.
  • Hyper-Adapter: I've got a lost pet case for you... [footsteps, deranged laughter] Say goodbye to your pet! [mystic thrum, lights flickering, bestial roar] As he becomes mine!
  • Angel O'Day: Sammy?
  • Azrael: Get behind us, miss- [slap]
  • Angel O'Day: [footsteps] Sam, you're in there. You can fight this. He doesn't own you. No one does... Not me. You're-
  • Hyper-Adapter: Oh, shut up! [mystic thrum, scream, splash, snort, bestial roar, rapid quadrupedal movement, splash] Wait... No... That's impossible! No one can deny the power of Bar-
  • Jean-Paul Valley: Can it, Deacon! I've had it with all your talk of Barbatos.
  • Hyper-Adapter: Heretics!
  • Azrael: [footsteps, sword scraping concrete] Oh, now he's done it... He had to go and bring up the nutjob who stole my look.
  • Hyper-Adapter: I shall steal your life! [mystic thrum, mystic thrum, mystic thrum] What?!
  • Jean-Paul Valley: It seems the Suit of Sorrows trumps your bat-god, huh? [footsteps] You're flanked, outnumbered, and out of options.
  • Hyper-Adapter: My options only increase with every second! Behold! [electric crackle, wind gust, unearthly screech, sword blades clattering, pained shouts] Barbatos, give me power!
  • Jean-Paul Valley: [groan, sword blade clattering] [through grit teeth:] Give me a break! [slash, blood splattering, pained howl, grapple] Huh? Let go!
  • Hyper-Adapter: I got your sword... [sword impaling flesh, blood splattering, stumbling footsteps, groan, chuckle] Behold the true power of Barbatos! I have transcended mortality!
  • Jean-Paul Valley: Yeah? You still have nads, don't you?! [spit, growl, kick, pained groan, gore squish] By the way, Joe, you're out of the Club! [slash, blood splash, severed head rolling]

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