Beyond Crisis 2

ObMod: Beyond Crisis 2



  • The Docks, Gotham City, NJ
  • August 11th 2017, 0000 EST

VOX Archive

  • Angel O'Day: [quiet footsteps: 2 instances] Are we sure we have the right address? I don't see anything...
  • Sam Simeon: In the basement... I can sense a general sense of terror there, but cannot pinpoint.
  • Angel O'Day: That sounds... unsettling.
  • Sam Simeon: Hmmph... indeed. Lots of interference.
  • Angel O'Day: What could cause that?
  • Sam Simeon: Lots of things, but this is Gotham... I'm going to say it's dark magic.
  • Angel O'Day: Do we have time to call Dark Justice?
  • Sam Simeon: Check the time... Close to midnight. I think that's telling.
  • Angel O'Day: Okay, Sammy... Let's go be heroes.
  • Sam Simeon: Hmmph. Method of entry?
  • Angel O'Day: [expletive] it. Let's bring down the house.
  • Sam Simeon: [chuckle] I'll knock then... Climb on my back and hold on tight. Ready? [hand tapping shoulder, bestial roar, slam, floorboards shattering, debris falling, scattered gasps]
  • Mutant: The hell? That a monkey?
  • Terry McGinnis: No way!
  • Joseph Blackfire: What are they- Mutant, deal with this.
  • Angel O'Day: Not so fast there! Drop the knife, Deacon!
  • Sam Simeon: What is happening here?
  • Joseph Blackfire: A revolution... in so many ways.
  • Catalina Flores: He's gone mental! Help us!
  • Angel O'Day: Is that Valley on the altar, too?
  • Jean-Paul Valley: Yes! It is!
  • Sam Simeon: It looks like we got here right in time.
  • Angel O'Day: Blackfire, I said drop the knife and step the [expletive] away from the boy!
  • Joseph Blackfire: You can't stop what is coming! Barbatos cannot be- [gunshot, thud]
  • Mutant: No!
  • Angel O'Day: Yeah, but you can... Sammy?
  • Sam Simeon: Hmmph... on it... [quadrupedal movement, chains snapping] You're free.
  • Jean-Paul Valley: Most appreciated... Now as for you, Mutant... I hereby banish you from the Club. You-
  • Hyper-Adapter: [deranged laughter, mystical thrumming, stumbling footsteps, deranged laughter, gore squishing]
  • Angel O'Day: You got to be kidding me...
  • Hyper-Adapter: [gag, bullet clanking on cement floor] -stopped. [mystical thrumming, slash, child scream, blood splatter] With the blood of the Miagani, [blood smearing] I call upon the power of the Monarch Exalted!

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