Beyond Crisis

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  • McGinnis Residence, Burnside, Gotham City, NJ.
  • August 10th 2017, 2227 EST

VOX Archive

  • Joseph Blackfire: Hmm... Interesting, might be having company...
  • Chad Graham: Huh? Someone's coming? How can you tell?
  • Joseph Blackfire: No matter. We got what we came for... [chuckle, gagged protests] I'll take the brat. You two stall the interlopers.
  • Bette Kane: Uh... How do you want us to do that?
  • Joseph Blackfire: Kill the parents. [motorcycle engine kickstarted, gagged protests, motorcycle engine revving, motorcycle speeding away]
  • Bette Kane: Chad! What are-
  • Chad Graham: Get your hands off me, Bette. You heard Deac.
  • Bette Kane: Yeah, but- But-
  • Chad Graham: Weak stomach? Pfft... I'll handle it. [footsteps, door kicked open, scream, muffled shouting, muffled whack]
  • Angel O'Day: [car breaking, car door opens, hood slide, bestial roar, pistol unholstered] Get down or get dead, girly!
  • Bette Kane: It's okay! [baseball bat hitting cement] I, uh, I surrender! Quick, just get in there and save them! Please!
  • Angel O'Day: Sam?
  • Sam Simeon: Hmmph... She's sincere enough, but be careful. Her mind has been addled by someone or something. [bestial snort, rapid quadrupedal movement, bestial roar]
  • Julie McGinnis: [scream] What is that?!
  • Chad Graham: Pfft... Like I'm going to fall for th- [smash, drywall crumbling, bestial grunt, glass shattering, body skipping across lawn, thud]
  • Sam Simeon: Calm... I am here to help. Tell me what happened.
  • Warren McGinnis: They... They... took my son.
  • Julie McGinnis: [toddler crying] Shh... It's okay, Matt. Come to mommy...
  • Warren McGinnis: Out other son. Terry. They took our son, Terry.
  • Sam Simeon: Hmm... [footsteps] Is this his picture? No need to answer. Your thoughts told me. Thank you... Be calm, lock your doors, call the police.
  • Warren McGinnis: What... What are you going to do?
  • Angel O'Day: [footsteps] We'll get your son back... The woman on the lawn told me what's up. My partner and I won't rest until we find your son.
  • Julie McGinnis: Thank you... but... uh... Maybe we should let the police handle this? Or maybe we call Batman?
  • Sam Simeon: [scoff] Hey, if you got him on speed dial, be my guest.
  • Angel O'Day: [deep breath, sigh] Look, we can find your son. We're actually pretty accomplished detectives. We just need some information. Is there any reason you can think-
  • Julie McGinnis: Why they took my Terry? No... Not... really... Unless... [gasp] Unless they found out who his biological father is... Oh, no, Warren! That's it, isn't it?! They want a ransom!
  • Angel O'Day: Uh? Sam? [confused grunt, sigh] Sir, could you explain? What does your wife mean?
  • Warren McGinnis: [sigh] My wife was once engaged to Bruce Wayne... Terry is his son, biologically, I mean.
  • Angel O'Day: Bruce Wayne? Oh, yeah... Sounds like this is ransom related. Okay, well, Angel & Ape are on the case. Come on, Sammy... Let's go question our prisoners. [footsteps: 2 instances]

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