April Fool's Day

ObMod: April Fool's Day



VOX Archive

  • Calendar Man: [sliding van door opens] Is that you? They did it... They actually let you go?!
  • Em Parker: Come here and see for yourself.
  • Calendar Man: [footsteps] It worked?! It actually worked... [footsteps] It's you... [footsteps] My sweet Calendar Girl... [chuckle] Your hair is so... fake? A wig? What is this?!
  • Em Parker: [electric crackle, shout, muscles spasming, teeth chattering] I thought you'd appreciated a good prank on today of all days, freak... You're under arrest.
  • Jason Bard: [rapid footsteps with limping gait] Good work, Sargeant Parker. We got it from here. [gun clearing holster] Julian Day, you are under arrest for the murder of fifty-two people.
  • Harvey Bullock: [slow footsteps, coughing, heavy breathing] You... have... a right, to remain... silent. [slow fotsteps, coughing, heavy breathing] Anything you... say, can... and will be used against you.
  • Calendar Man: [handcuffs clinking, chuckle] You fools! [chuckle] You think you've stopped this? [maniacal chuckle] You think arresting me will save the lives of Gotham?! [snort] Gotham's days are numbered! You cannot stop this! [maniacal laughter] Paige Monroe, the goddess herself, started something that cannot be undone! [maniacal laughter] You cannot stop the Cult of Days! [maniacal laughter]
  • Harvey Bullock: Yeah? Maybe not, but we can sure stop you, can't we?
  • Calendar Man: [maniacal laughter] Stop me?! you think you've stopped me?! My work has just begun! All you have done is reunited me with my ordained mate! [maniacal laughter]
  • Harvey Bullock: Wow, this one really fell off the wagon hard didn't he, Bard? Surprised a nutjob like him could evade us since the destruction of Blackgate. Where you been hiding, Day?
  • Calendar Man: Have you not been reading my letters, detective? I've been in plain sight...
  • Harvey Bullock: With this ink? [scoff] I doubt that.
  • Jason Bard: Uh... judging by the look of his skin, I think these tattoos are fresh... Maybe last week? He might've done them himself.
  • Harvey Bullock: [footsteps] Personally, I just had my anniversary engraved on the inside of each of my wedding rings so I'd never forget.
  • Calendar Man: I never forget a date, detective... June 23rd, 1989... December 25th, 1993... June 25th, 2005... March 25th, 2016. These ring a bell? [maniacal laughter]
  • Jason Bard: [whak, thud, maniacal laughter, whack, whack] Bullock?! [grunt, clatter, rapid footsteps] What the [expletive]?
  • Harvey Bullock: The son of a [expletive] [expletive] knows my anniversaries by heart?! How the [expletive]?!
  • Calendar Man: I told you, detective... [spit, blood splatter] I never forget a date... [maniacal laughter, footsteps]
  • Ellen Yin: Badge and gun, lieutenant.
  • Jasob Bard: Commissioner, surely these are mitigating-
  • Ellen Yin: I don't want to hear it, Bard... Now, Bullock... That behavior is not accepted in the GCPD. Not anymore. We don't beat restrained prisoners.
  • Harvey Bullock: Commisioner, the son of a [expletive] has been stalking me. Probably knows where I live. Probably has seen my wife-
  • Ellen Yin: Badge and gun. You're suspended until further notice, pending a formal review of this.
  • Jason Bard: Commissioner, yes... what Harvey did was-
  • Ellen Yin: I don't want to hear it, Bard. We have press on their way now.
  • Harvey Bullock: [expletive]. Who called them?
  • Ellen Yin: I did. This is a win that the GCPD needs-
  • Harvey Bullock: That you need.
  • Ellen Yin: Fine, Bullock... Push your luck. One month of suspension, pending the results of the inquiry. Want to go further? Maybe gamble that pension away?
  • Harvey Bullock: [expletive] it. I need a vacation anyway. [clatter] Badge and gun, as requesting, ma'am. [footsteps]
  • Jason Bard: Shall I take him into custody or is he needed for the photo op?
  • Ellen Yin: Looking like that? [sigh] Lock him away. He's technically an escaped fugitive of Blackgate so escort him into Arkham for now. We'll charge him with officailly later.
  • Calendar Man: Arkham?! Oh, I've always wanted to visit! [maniacal laughter, footsteps] So sad it's going to be such a short stay...
  • Em Parker: Let me help you with him, sir... [footsteps]
  • Calendar Man: Oh, I almost forgot to say... Happy April Fool's Day! [maniacal laughter]

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Calendar Man.
  • Yin is a good cop in an impossible situation. She wants to be the best Commissioner possible, but she doesn't have the experience and she knows it and worse, she knows that her subordinates know it. She's too proud to resign though so continues to paint herself into a corner and the whole time wondering why Mayor March appointed her as Commissioner.
  • ObMods are the Monitor's version of the VOX Box.
  • Calendar Man went on a killing spree and sent a letter to the GCPD demanding the release of Calendar Girl.
  • Another appearance of number 52.
  • Bullock's anniversaries are all Easter eggs:
    • June 23rd 1989 - release date of the film "Batman".
    • December 25th 1993 - release of "Batman: Mask of Phantasm".
    • June 25th 2005 - release date of The Batman episode "Meltdown" (it was supposed to be June 15th - release date of "Batman Begins").
    • March 25th 2016 - release date of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice".

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