A New Horizon 5

ObMod: A New Horizon 5



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Trivia and Notes

  • Part of the Artifacts Storyline.
  • Story continues from ObMod: A New Horizon 4.
  • Story continues in ObMod: A New Horizon 6.
  • Debut of Pandemic.
  • As promised, Fangirl trashed them in the comments section:
    • "Anti-Monitor, you're mean!"
    • "Pandemic, you walking STD! Keep your hands off my new otherworldly gal pal!"
    • "Hayvon, sweetie, you're dumb... but I love you."
    • "Shoji, you make me smile but if you're going to continue working for this discount Darth Vader, I'm going to have to kick lay you out all over again!"
    • "And Cyber_Witch... more like Cyber_Bitch, amirite?!"

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