When two beings from the planet Thanagar arrived on Earth, Nabu was touched by their story and offered them a deal. He could use magic to seal their incorporeal Thanagarian forms to a human host, much like he had done with his own incorporeal form; and in return, they would gift him their spaceship as its incorporeal metal could become a key ingredient in creating a talisman that would allow Nabu to impart his consciousness directly upon a human host.

The Thanagarians accepted this arrangement and with Nabu, they protected ancient Egypt and the surrounding lands from unspeakable evils and agents of chaos. Eventually, Nabu awarded the Thanagarians with weapons forged of the same metal as his new helmet: Nth metal.[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • Nth metal can hurt non-corporeal beings (such as ghosts) or cause superpowers to go haywire for a period of time.
  • Nth metal can become tainted.
  • Nth metal can cause an addiction to develop.

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