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Nissa Diggle

Following the mysterious disappearance of her mother, Sara's father hung up his crimefighting gear and moved to National City, taking his two children with him. Sara did not adapt to life in National City. She had trouble making friends. As a result of these difficulties, Sara did not enjoy life in National City. When her father refused to listen to Sara's unrealistic requests to move back to Star City, Sara decided to take matters into her own hands. After over a dozen failed attempts at running away, Sara began acting out at school. She also began associating with the sort of kids that caused her father great concern. Seeing Sara go down the path of a criminal, John knew he had to employ desperate measures to save his daughter from a life of crime. The only way John Diggle found a way to get through to Sara was to train her. Sara had a deep fondness for the crimefighter lifestyle and had dreamed of one day following in her father's footsteps.

John began training Sara regularly after the two agreed Sara would not go out wandering the streets of National City as a crimefighter until she finished college. Sara knew John thought if she was properly educated it would curb her desire to live such a reckless and dangerous life, but Sara had no intentions of giving up on her dream. When Sara's miscreant friends came looking for Sara to help them steal some armored vehicles from the police garage, Sara told them to get lost and walked away to go home and train.

After an intense workout, Sara went upstairs to find her house empty. She tried calling her dad, but got no signal. Sara went to bed, but woke up hungry after a couple hours. When she came downstairs, she was startled by a knock on her door. She answered it and found two police officers on her doorstep. When the officers broke the news to her, Sara fell to the ground in tears. John Diggle and John Diggle, Jr. had been struck and killed in a traffic collision caused by a large armored police vehicle, driven by a couple of joyriding teenagers.

Sara's godfather Oliver Queen came out the next day to take Sara back to Star City, but by the time he arrived, Sara was gone.

Taking a bus to Gotham and taking on a fake identity, Sara became "Nissa". In a new city, and operating out of the gentrified neighborhood of Crowne Point (more commonly known as the "Narrows"), Nissa fashioned a costume for herself and took on the name of one of Gotham's old defenders: Batgirl.[1]

Batgirl Beyond

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Threat Assessment


  • Acrobatics (World-Class Expert)
  • Martial Arts Master (3 Styles)
  • Stealth
  • Military Familiarity
  • Resourceful
  • Streetwise

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  • Nissa is a tough street kid, from Gotham's disenfranchised districts. A more than capable fighter herself and savvy with Gotham's streets, its low-lives, and knowing which cops were corrupt from firsthand experience, Nissa decided to become the new Batgirl, fashioning her own costume and weaponry with a decidedly low-tech approach. After Terry heard tales of this Batgirl, he took to the streets to find her and failed night after night. It wasn't until recently, with the help of the Robins' surveillance efforts, that Batman was able to meet the new Batgirl. After a couple encounters, she agreed to take a communicator, and just recently agreed to share her identity with Terry... but other than her face and the single name of 'Nissa' not much is known about this girl.[2]


  • This is the Sara Diggle from the Earth-2027 Continuity, and therefore lives in Subsidiary-Reality B within Murum Tempus.
  • Nissa is a composite character of Sara Diggle from the Arrow TV series, and Batgirl Beyond.

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