Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by Four-Eyes) Mib & Nhyn have served in the palace of Melothm for ages as the two faithful servants of Prince Senael. They serve as chambermaids, lab assistants to Senael, cooks, kitchen maids, cupbearers, gardeners, laundry maids, handmaidens, chaperones, secretaries, hostesses, nannies, carriage drivers, messengers, nurses, and more.
  • (Submitted by Gremlin) The twins are very well loved by Ellie & I. For Ellie they're her favorite imps and often accompany her in Melothm. I suspect she has come to love the two of them very much. For me personally, I love them because they have a tendency to look after Flag, which means he doesn't get into too much trouble and if he trashes the place, these two usually have the mess cleaned long before I have to deal with it.
  • (Submitted by Gremlin) Nhyn is the more shy and soft-spoken of the pair. She has more anxiety when she makes mistakes, but is also the more intelligent one with a much better grasp of English than Mib.

Threat Assessment


  • Sloth Devil Physiology
    • Pyrogenesis
    • Pyrokinesis
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Regenerative Healing
    • Winged Flight
    • Claws & Fangs
  • Adorable
  • Highly Intelligent


  • Clumsy
  • Imperfect Grasp of English
  • Shy


  • Physicality: 3 - Trained / Exceptional
  • Occult: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Weaponry: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Expertise: 3 - Trained / Exceptional
  • Range: 3 - Trained / Exceptional
  • Strategy: 3 - Trained / Exceptional[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • Nhyn has a Threat Assessment ranking of 24, marking her as a Minimal Threat.


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