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Sarah Scofield worked as a 'house concubine' for some organized criminal gang. In 1988, Sarah became pregnant. Once her condition started to show, she became a bartender at one of her employer's clubs. That proved difficult for Sarah as she was mentally ill and was practically illiterate. Despite her difficulties, Sarah manage to deliver a healthy boy.

Nathan Scofield: 1989 - 1994

Nathan Scofield was often neglected by his mentally ill mother who was too ill-equipped to handle raising a child at all, let alone on her own. Nathan was often left in the care of his mother's working girlfriends or locked in a storeroom with some toys. As a result of this lack of attention, Nathan developed an obsessive need for attention and began acting out. 

Nathan Scofield: 1994 - 2006

While throwing a fit one evening, Nathan fled from his mother as she tried to rein him in. The boy ended up bursting into a meeting between his mother's crimelord employer and a well-dressed man whose smile immediately calmed the young Nathan. As Nathan's mother tried to take him from the room, apologizing profusely, she was struck by her boss who was upset by her interruption. Seeing his mother fall back and hit her head on the edge of a table, Nathan let out a scream which got him slapped by the gangster, whose ring left a gash across Nathan's right eye.

Before the child could wipe the blood from his eye, the gangster and the three men paid to protect him were dead. Before Nathan could see his mother's lifeless body, he was picked up and carried from the room by the well-dressed man, who covered their tracks by rigging the stove in the kitchen to explode.

On Nathan's first trip on an airplane, the well-dressed man identified himself as Malcolm Merlyn. Rescued from a life of mediocrity, as Merlyn would put it, Nathan would be taken to 'Eth Alth'eban and raised by one of Nyssa al Ghul's handmaidens, Mei Gulong.

He eventually was conscripted into a training camp and forced to train as an assassin. He developed a style that clearly emulated Merlyn's love of flair, distraction, and trickery - but after a childhood accident with a bow and a flayed forearm, Nathan was hesitant to train with a bow. Interested in swaying Nathan's idolatry from his rival, David Cain took a liking to Nathan and taught him the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Ultimately, Nathan ended up developing his own style that paid homage to both Merlyn and Cain. When it was time for him to be tested, Nathan was sent to Star City in the midst of its Undertaking. He was not prepared for what it meant to take a life. Still, he earned his new name.

Nathan Scofield: 2006 - 2014

When Nathan returned, he may have been unharmed, but he was very damaged by what he had done. The damage would slowly worm its way through his mind. Nathan's behavior became increasingly erratic until he was sent on a prolonged mission with Rina Nishida. Nathan felt this femme fatale had a calming effect on him and gave him clarity. But what Nathan called 'clarity,' everyone else called a 'full-blown mental break.'[1]

Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by Intrepid) Nathan keeps a list of his ideal Suicide Squad roster, on the off-chance he is ever enlisted into service with Task Force X. Though he appears to update this list, at one time the list was: Himself, the Assassinettes, Killer Croc, Ron Pearlman, and that "one bug guy." I honestly don't know if he means Ambush Bug or just some pest control specialist he met before.
  • (Submitted by Oracle) These instances serve as evidence of Nathan's break with reality:
    • Nathan has a scar over his right eye. Until 2014, he was under no delusion where he got this. But now he insists he got the scar during a riot at Blackgate Correctional Facility. Nathan's never been to prison.
    • Nathan has an imaginary friend he's named "Hank."
    • Despite getting along with Tim during his time with the League of Assassins, Nathan had an irrational, violent reaction to seeing Tim Drake's armor - which resulted in Nathan spending some time locked up in a penal box on Ra's al Ghul's orders.
    • Following his exile from the Safinat Dakhma, Nathan went and got himself several tattoos, many of which have delusional stories behind them.

Threat Assessment


  • Safinat Dakhma Training
    • Peak Conditioning
    • Master Infiltrator
    • Master Marksman
    • Master Martial Artist
      • Aikido, Boxing, Hojutsu, Jiujutsu, Krav Maga
    • Master of Legerdemain & Manipulation
    • Expert Fencer & Stick Fighter
    • Expert at Thrown Weaponry
    • Capable Interrogator
    • Decent Occult Alchemist
  • Exceptionally Cunning



  • Physicality: 4 — Expert / Enhanced
  • Occult: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
  • Weaponry: 5 — Master / Remarkable
  • Expertise: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
  • Range: 6 — World-Class / Superb
  • Strategy: 4 — Expert / Enhanced
    • TOTAL: 70
    • RANKING: Moderate Threat

Trivia and Notes


  • Nathan is ambidextrous. For some reason, possibly as a habit created to conceal his identity, he uses his right hand as the dominant hand when in costume and the left when out of costume.
  • Hates goldfish. Has a very low respect for the creatures. 
  • One of his many quirks is that he does not wear plain socks, only ones with designs and that are colorful can be confirmed by his girlfriend Rina Nishida. If such socks are unavailable, he refuses to even wear shoes.
  • Nathan is a big 'Robin' fanboy. He collects any 'Robin' memorabilia he can and seems to like 'stalking' the past Robins whenever he finds them out on patrol.
  • He's got several tattoos: an violet orchid pierced by a sai, letter N with wings, letters EP with a lightning and an Egyptian mask.
  • He rescued Gizmo from a compromised Mogwai sanctuary maintained in Star City. He has destroyed a demon eating the mogwai.[2] Gizmo was having ever since. Nathan refused to give him to El Penitente, and while on the lam they caused chaos in Kingston Falls, Ontario.[3]
  • He was drugged by Rina Nishida with special potion - he became a "love junkie" and has to have sex with her in order to live. She did it to bring him back to the League.[4]


  • Nathan Scofield is an original character created by DrHavocLOC.
  • Having the aliases of Michael Sommers and Alpha make him a composite with a character of the same name from the comics. He is also composited with Billy Peltzer of Gremlins movies and it's related media.
  • His imaginary friend "Hank" might be a nod to the character Hank Henderson, who Nathan had an odd friendship with pre-reboot.


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