Mystery Machine is Mystery Incorporated's vehicle. It's their means of transportation and their home.

After being discharged from the military, Fred Jones began using his know-how and inheritance to retrofit an old motorhome with top-of-line parts, a luxury interior, an armored exterior, and a variety of parts from the Army-Navy surplus. His plan was to use this as his mobile base on his quest to find his real parents, but before he had finished it, Daphne and Velma stumbled upon the vehicle and offered to pay Fred to finish it and sell it to them. Fred agreed and by the time he completed it, Fred had taken a liking to the gals (particularly Daphne) and offered to teach them to drive it.[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • Fred is usually tasked as the driver of the Mystery Machine (though they do rotate out on long-hauls or whenever driving through the night).
  • Shaggy is the only (human) member of the team usually kept away from the driver's seat of the Mystery Machine and is only allowed to drive when he's completely sober.


  • Mystery Machine is usually a 1960's era van.

Links and References

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