Though often known as "meddlin' kids", Mystery Inc is made up of four young adults and a rather intelligent Great Dane who travel the American countryside (on occasion venturing into Canada, Mexico, and even foreign shores for some exotic assignments) in their teched-out armored motorhome (known as the Mystery Machine) solving unusual cases, often involving high-tech heists, supernatural menaces, and even a shady real estate scheme more than once or twice.[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • On one of their adventures they met Hades who defeated a viking ghost with a glare.[2]
  • In 2014 the team met Bela Talbot while she was operating under the name Mina Chandler. Posing as the superintendent of an archaeological expedition at the site of the Roanoke Colony, Bela had hired these occult specialists to investigate a supposed haunting near the site. Upon investigating the disturbance, Mystery Inc collided into an active investigation of the recently founded Dark Justice, who Bela had also contacted under false pretenses. Due to enchantments which Bela had set up to not only cause the area to appear to be genuinely haunted, each team assumed that the other was the true culprits at fault. Bela's wards had also cast powerful illusions which furthered the confusion. The local authorities broke up the brief firefight. As the wards had been established to be temporary, there was little evidence to convince the authorities that it was all a misunderstanding. Members of both Mystery Inc and Dark Justice were arrested and hauled in until a specialist from National City could arrive to sort out the mess. While VelmaDaphneFredShaggy, and Scooby cooled their heels in a cell with John ConstantineFrankenstein, and Black Orchid, Bela strolled into the police station in a police uniform. Posing as Trooper Helen Harker, Bela gained access to the evidence room with fabricated documents. She then stole the Moondblade from John Constantine's personal effects and smuggled it out in an evidence box and drove away from the scene in the Mystery Machine. Luckily, Mystery Incorporated found the Mystery Machine in the next town over, with a whimsical thank you note and a number of essential parts missing from the engine.[3]
    • Probably during this encounter Shaggy and Scooby managed to lure Frankenstein into Fred's trap and take him down.[4]


  • While the Scooby-Doo franchise is not officially a part of the main DC Comics continuity, both properties are associated with Warner Brothers and have crossed over many times in comics and animation.

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