Purpose for Classification

In order to get students the help they need, it is very important we prioritize the level of their power and their progress toward reaching their potential.

The Xavier-Lehnsherr System

The Xavier-Lehnsherr system uses four classifications titled with the Greek alphabet which measures the mutant's overall potential power class (commonly called the Classification or Class) and their current skill level (commonly called their Level).

Note: Though Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr defined 'class' to be used for potential and 'level' to be used for developmental stage or skill mastery, the two terms are often used interchangeably. I know that even I am guilty of it.

Charles Xavier developed this system based upon the prominence of the "mutant signature" as determined by Erik Lehnsherr, who claims mutants with activated x-genes tend to have a unique quality to their personal electromagnetic field. This field's potency is used to determine the mutant's Class while the determination of Level is based purely on empirical evidence, test scores, and subjective reasoning.


An Alpha Class mutant is the most powerful known category of mutant. This appears to be a common classification for mutant potential power, however, it is less common to find an Alpha Class mutant reach their full potential and in full control of their abilities. Therefore and Alpha Class mutant is only given the title of Alpha Level when they appear to have reached their full potential.


A Beta Class mutant is an above-average mutant. This is usually found in mutants with a number of passive mutations or a powerful ability without a wide range of applications. Beta Class mutants tend to be among the most effective mutants in terms of overall power and the mastery of that power.


A Gamma Class mutant is what appears to be the average level of mutation. Gamma Class mutants tend to have a single passive mutation or a significant ability but with limited practical application. This is the most common skill level found among mutant teens with some expertise in the use of their power.


A Delta Class mutant, while a technical term for any mutant of below-average significance, Charles Xavier is hesitant to label any mutant as "below-average" as he considers all mutants to be extraordinary so Xavier reserves the use of this for mutants whose mutations restrict their lifestyle or cause health problems which may require special treatment while having no special powers of significance.

The "Delta" term is primarily reserved to designate a mutant with limited to no ability in the use of their power, usually due to only having recently discovered their mutation's ability.

Variation: The MacTaggert Pyramid System

For shorthand, a mutant's potential classification can be assigned a letter designation (A = Alpha, B = Beta, C = Gamma, D = Delta) and their skill mastery level given a numerical designation (4 = Alpha, 3 = Beta, 2 = Gamma, 1 = Delta). Therefore, a powerful mutant with mastery over their abilities, such as Charles Xavier, would be an A4 mutant. While the lowest grade would be a D1.

Using this variation, I've developed the following power pyramid to assess the rankings of students and faculty at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.[1]


A3   B3

A2   B2   C2

A1   B1   C1   D1

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