Mr. Bones: 2002 - Present

The exact details of Mr. Bones’ past remain deeply classified by Checkmate encryption which even I cannot penetrate, but I have gathered some intelligence on him through scouring NSA, Interpol, FBI, CIA, DEO, and ARGUS reports and some second-hand anecdotes from assets I have with access to this mysterious figure.

What we know is that he was one of the very first discovered metahumans as he was likely born many years before the recent metahuman phenomenon spread around and according to him, his meta-gene activated during his birthing process. As his meta-gene caused his body’s organic tissue to become completely invisible and become toxic to the touch. Mr. Bones was born with the appearance of a human skeleton and his mother and doctors died within minutes of his delivery. I suspect the government took him in at this point, but I cannot verify.

Mr. Bones’ first known documentable encounter that I could find was in 2002 when he showed up at the White House with a number of top-notch espionage brass for a cabinet meeting to discuss the metahuman “epidemic”. As Diana Prince was present at this meeting, she was able to tell me the room was horrified to see Bones’ entrance, but once he began to talk, the room went still as he pitched an incredibly masterful speech for why the president should put a metahuman in charge of the agency monitoring the metahuman “crisis”. The U.S. President agreed and the D.E.O was formed that week. 

Diana herself agreed to join up as she believed in Bones’ vision (but also wanted to keep a close eye on this sinister looking guy in case he turned out to be the villain that he clearly looked like he was born to be) and the rest is history.

Bones has remained D.E.O. Director since the agency’s creation, having convinced every sitting president that he’s the best man for the job. He may have some dark methods and look beyond evil with the cloud of smoke that follows him everywhere, but he’s on the side of the angels. Make no bones about it (sorry, couldn’t resist).[1]

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  • Mr. Bones' address is a nod to his first comic book appearance: Infinity, Inc. #16, July 1985, by Todd MacFarlane.

Links and References

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