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  • He sensed the impending interdimensional crossrip at the beginning of Hell on Earth and lured Kevin away from the "Amazons Attack!" set and towards safety. When demons and other hellspawn flooded Star City, Kevin and Mike Hat laid low until several days later when they ran into a team of newly recruited Ghostbusters.
  • Kevin was decked out in his costume for the film and accompanied by a dog in what resembled tactical gear (in reality a service dog harness), so he was falsely believed to be a hero worth recruiting to man their extra proton pack and be the fourth member of their team.
  • Kevin agreed to join the team (Much to Erin Gilbert's delight), but when he was first confronted with an actual demon, Kevin froze. The next time, he ran away and Mike Hat had to lead the Ghostbusters to where Kevin was hiding and crying. Kevin admitted to not being a real hero, but thought he was a good enough actor to pretend. Still, Kevin stuck around and helped in a support capacity (well, that is to say, Mike Hat helped).[1]


  • Mike Hat is a character from the Ghostbusters comics published by IDW.

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