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  • Is this website one long fanfiction story, or is it a wiki on someone else's creation?

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    Dylan-Logan Queen

    EDIT  COMMENTS SHARE---- (READ PLEASE; HI I'm Damian i;m 14 and I'm a huge dc fan and this is a character i have thought of for a while please someone edit this to make it look good and maybe make an image of him. i have dyslexia so its hard writing and stuff and i'm struggling with being bullied not to be a victim but its been bothering me a lot and this would actually make me feel better. Please do this for me please Dm me on insta a_nerd_who_loves_his_canary for knowledge or stuff about Dylan or just for fun  here is my shoty bio and his page on here is Dylan-Logan Queen

    Dylan-Logan Is the son of Dinah-Laurel lance and Oliver Queen. He was the perfect mix of his parents. The blond hair, the sarcastic wit that gets him in trouble more than it helps, blue-green eyes, and tho just 18 years old a member of the league of assassins. Due to being the Canaries son he has her cry. He is a master at nightsticks(The tonfa) staff, bolas, archery, knives, and blow darts.His suit is a male version of the cw's laurel lances suit. His best friend is Kyle Rayner who is also his crush. Due to his time in the league he used the name شحرور meaning "Black bird" Dylan is a master at reversed psychology and getting into peoples heads. In school hes known as the quiet kid. He always ears a black canary symbol necklace with blue glasses and jeans with a pocket chain and a pull over grey hoodie with a black beanie that covers half his hair. He doesn't talk to a lot of people due to being bullied and he cant trust anyone but Kyle. Besides training in his spared time he long-boards. If he could he would basically board 24/7. He has the black canary logo scar burned on his shoulder and a few noticeable scars from bike accident on his left elbow and forearm.

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    • Wow, okay, hello.

      While I really appreciate your enthusiasm, I myself am a big Black Canary fan, but this isn't the kind of wiki where you can just create a character. This wiki is for a specific project, known as Earth-27. All we do here is record the stories of one specific author and his vision for the DC Universe.

      Might I direct you here: The DC Comics fanon wiki seems like a more appropriate place for Dylan. I'm glad you've found a way to express yourself through your character. If you wanna look around and see if you enjoy the stories we have going here, that would be awesome. If not, then best of luck on developing your Canary.

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  • I undid all the changes concerning Lilith joining the Team. Roy said on the chat that that was a mistake, she is only a member of the Outsiders, her space in the Justice League roster is supposed to be for someone else.

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  • How do you add internal links to the navigation bar?

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