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Mera is the oldest of two daughters born to Lord Leron of House Xebel, an underwater province within the Kingdom of Atlantis most known for its magical prison which utilizes the strange spatial magics of the Bermuda Triangle of the province to great effect. Raised among her father’s elite House Guard and Sages, Mera was trained to be both a capable warrior and mage. When she was of age, Mera and her sister Hila were sent to the Royal Court of Atlantis, where their skills impressed Queen Atlanna and both sisters were selected to serve the Queen as her Royal Attendants, a great honor for the sisters and their father’s House alike.


Queen Mera

For reasons unknown to Mera at the time, Queen Atlanna took a special liking to young Mera, often trusting her to secrets and tasks that Mera would need to keep secret, even from her sister, Hila. One such secret was the Queen’s first son, Arthur, who Queen Atlanna would send Mera to the surface world in disguise to check on. One day, when Mera returned to bring back reports that Arthur’s father, Tom, had died in a boating accident, Queen Atlanna asked Mera to escort her to the surface world to comfort her son. In so doing, Mera let herself be seen by Arthur for the first time after years of watching him from a distance, and up-close she finally understood why the Queen had chosen her for this task. Somehow, the Queen knew that Mera and Arthur were meant to be... and so they were. When Arthur became Prince Orin, he married Mera and made her a Princess.

They were happy together as he taught her of his alien surface customs and she taught him of the traditions of Atlantis, helping to shape him into the King that he would one day become. During the Atlantean civil war, Mera became pregnant and was sent to the surface, to be protected by her apprentices Garth and Tula, only returning to the sea to recover after delivering her son, Arthur, Jr. into the world. Today, while the war for the throne of Atlantis is over, Mera sees of the daily affairs of Atlantis while Arthur plays champion as the hero “Aquaman”.[1]

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Trivia and Notes


  • Aquawoman joined the Justice League of America in 2005, nominated by Wonder Woman.
  • Mera ta'Xebel ro'Curry translates to "Mera of House Xebel and married into Curry" (she uses the alternative "ro'Atlan" for official records as Orin wished to keep his identity as Arthur Curry secret).[2]


  • Mera's original design was inspired by Bombshells.

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