Maxie Zeus: 1981 - Present

Before he was called Zeus, Maxie was a history professor and a happily married man. Maxie had grown up in the company of monsters, the son of Jason Stavropoulos, but his father had always felt Maxie deserved an education worthy of his intelligence and sent him to private schools, summer educational trips to Europe and Asia, and even bought Maxie and his young wife a home out of the city, so that Maxie could take a job at Ivy University, the most prestigious college in the nation. Then the Cataclysm happened while Maxie was visiting his father.

Within the initial week of the chaos, Maxie's wife was killed by an escaped prisoner from Blackgate and his father was thrown from a rooftop by Roman Sionis in an attempt to seize power of the Greek mob. What Roman didn't know though was that he'd just given meek Maxie a shock to his system and Maxie was planning to return the favor. Roman made the mistake of assuming that Maxie was a pushover because of his education, but Roman did not do his homework. Jason Stavropoulos didn't send Maxie away to school to protect him, he sent Maxie away to protect Gotham. With his normal life taken from him, Maxie slid back into the personality he had suppressed after he accidentally electrocuted his mother as a young child.

Roman only survived what happened next because the Gotham power grid went down. Nightwing found Roman two days after the power went down, strapped naked to a chair in the basement of a partially flooded parking garage with jumper cables clipped to industrial staples in Roman's thighs. Roman would never again challenge the Stavropoulos Mob's turf.

Maniacal Maxie became the new head of the local Greek crime families. He later became the undisputed king of Gotham's nightlife running a popular club in the Diamond District called Olympus as not only his front for his criminal enterprises, but also where he could hold court. Those who respect Maxie call him "Zeus" or "Maxie Zeus", those that fear him call him "the Electrocutioner" in hushed whispers. If rumors are true, with every enemy of his that has taken a ride on the lightning, Maxie marks his flesh with a reminder of the occasion.[1]

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  • The name "Electrocutioner" is a nod to another villain with the same name.
  • Maxie's address a reference of his first comic book appearance in 1979.

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