The Marvel Family is a team of Captain Marvel and his siblings.

When Black Adam killed Mamaragan the Wizard all the excess magic energy contained within him flooded into Captain Marvel and Black Adam. The magic appeared to have vaporized Black Adam but overcharged Captain Marvel to the point of making him ill, even when he shifted back into Billy. Worried, Billy called upon Zatanna to help him find a cure. The cure she found was through using magical “anchors” for Billy using people with a close connection to him. But the Titans hadn’t know Billy long enough to establish the necessary bond, so it was Billy’s foster siblings (Mary, Freddy, Darla, Eugene, and Pedro) that stepped up to save their brother. Now Billy and his siblings are the sentinels of Shazam.[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • About the Marvel Family's names: I wasn't a fan of that system [Military ranks]. First it establishes a thin line of succession seemingly making each of them "lesser" to Billy, rather than equals. It also establishes Mary as the least important of the three. It also left very little room for including Eugene, Pedro, and Darla. What I opted for instead was to give each of them different ranks and titles from different structural/organizational systems that correspond to their different key abilities.
    • Wisdom of Solomon is represented most in Eugene Choi. As a result, he is Doctor Marvel, with doctor being an academic rank.
    • Strength of Hercules is represented most in Pedro Pena. As a result, he is Mister Marvel, with mister being a title of respect and courtesy.
    • Endurance of Atlas is represented most in Mary Bromfield. As a result, she is Lady Marvel, with lady being a title of aristocracy.
    • Power of Zeus is represented most in Freddie Freeman. As a result, he is King Marvel, with king being a title of royalty.
    • Courage of Achilles is represented most in Billy Batson. As a result, he is Captain Marvel, with captain being a military rank.
    • Speed of Mercury is represented most in Darla Dudley. As a result, she is Miss Marvel, as she is the youngest of the six foster siblings.[2]

Links and References

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