Maple City is a a location in Ontario, Canada.

Canada has a modest amount of metahumans, in small pockets in various communities. Due to the combination of a lower crime rate, a National Healthcare system, and general Canadian cultural norms, Earth-27 Canadians do not really put any expectations on metahumans to put on capes or masks and fight crime. Some still go that route, but most of those who do usually end up in America. The costumed heroes who stay in Canada are usually quite effective enough and do not require support from an excessive number of vigilantes. To curb the numbers of metahuman youth who might be tempted to become vigilantes, the Canadian government supports a number of special academies that give scholarships to metahuman teenagers in order to help them develop skills that do not require reliance on their powers or train them to use their abilities without resorting to vigilantism or villainy.[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • Gilded Palace of Flying Burritos, Happy Avocado, No-Account Video, and Chaos Theatre are all locations from Scott Pilgrim graphic novels.
    • The Rocket is a club from the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. In the graphic novel and the movie club is called Club Rockit. It's a real place in Toronto, and it closed down sometime in 2005.
  • LaPerier International Airport might be a nod to Henri LaPerier, a character from Catwoman: Selina's Big Score. Henri was canadian.

Links and References

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