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Background: 2006

Dr. Harleen Quinzel engaged in sexual intercourse with Joker while he was incarcerated. After learning of the pregnancy, Harleen asked Joker to take her with him during his next escape. He did so, taking her as hostage. Joker apparently had plans to dispose of Harleen as she was a liability. However, Harleen told Joker that she was pregnant with his child and his demeanor changed. Joker spared Harleen's life.

While Joker was fulfilling a contract with Ra's al Ghul, the Joker's pregnant lover was kept imprisoned in the Joker's lair and subjected to psychological torture. In order to cope with this torture and to ensure she was not killed by the Joker once she had delivered their child, Harleen developed a subservient personality to the Joker. Harleen Quinzel became "Harley Quinn". The metamorphosis was completed by forcing Harleen to take part in the brutal murder of the second Robin - Jason Todd.

Harleen Quinzel went into labor shortly after she played her part in the murder of the teenage crimefighter, prompting the Joker to have Riddler cut the broadcast off earlier than planned. While Joker took care of Robin, Edward Nygma delivered the child.

Lucy Quinzel: 2006 - 2009

With a more violent than ever Batman on their trail, Joker and Harley laid relatively low following their broadcast. They took their newborn daughter Lucy into hiding with them. The Riddler arranged several secure lairs for them through his connections with the Broker and the Calculator (both are believed to have been former proteges of Nygma).

When the Cataclysm hit, Joker and Harley were trapped in Gotham. The Joker became somewhat more stir-crazy during this time, mostly on account of rumors of a new "Red Hood" claiming to be looking for the Joker. Eventually, the Joker took the bait and was captured.

The Joker managed to escape and urged Harley and Lucy to flee with him. As Harley was afraid of bringing her three-year-old daughter with them, she drugged the Joker during a good luck toast. When he fell unconscious, Harley took Lucy in the middle of the night, and gave her to the care of Riddler's ex-wife: Kristen Nashton.

Lucy Quinzel: 2009 - 2013

Harley never told the Joker where she had taken Lucy. When she was not imprisoned but the Joker was, Harley would usually make time to visit her daughter in secret. Often, she would spend days with Lucy before succumbing to the urge to go break Joker out of Arkham.

Other than these visits with her mother, Lucy had a childhood which was absent of contact with criminals. Lucy actually wanted to grow up to be a crimefighter like her older "sister", Emily. Though, Lucy's efforts to train herself to be like Emily were constantly met with failure. Lucy showed promise in investigation and was a remarkable gymnast and aerialist, but she just didn't have a violent bone in her body. Without that drive, Lucy was more content putting tutus on toy trucks.

Lucy Quinzel: 2013 - Present

Upon hearing that Emily Nashton had died in Star City, Lucy did not know how to process this. She acted out at school. For the first time in her life, she became violent and aggressive. Not knowing what else to do, Kristen Nashton reached out to her ex-husband to put her in contact with the girl's mother.

Unfortunately, Kristen's timing was awful. Though Edward had been living a clean life for some time, he was a little tied up at the moment - literally. Joker happened to be in Edward's office interrogating the private investigator when his ex left the message on his machine.

Before the end of the day, Lucy and Joker both disappeared. Lucy was missing for several weeks. Edward Nygma, the Bat-Clan, and the Sirens could not find Lucy or the clown that took her. Then, out of the blue, Lucy shows up at Vicki Vale's door, eating an ice cream cone.

Lucy seems sane, but she's the first to admit her life is anything but.

Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by Oracle) Lucy's immunity to Joker Venom is likely due to her genetic relationship with the Joker. This hints at the possibility that Joker's immunity to Joker Venom is due to him having baked his own genetic code into the formula, preventing it from affecting him. Lucy's other immunity was given to her by her "Aunt Ivy".
  • (Submitted by Intrepid) My relationship with Lucy is a strange one. One day, while I was between assignments, this girl shows up at my door and tells me she thinks we're related. She told me that her dad told her all about me. I don't know what the Joker's obsession with me is, but one good thing came from it. I got to meet Lucy and become one of her caregivers.[1]

Threat Assessment


  • Creative Problem-Solver
  • Expert Gymnast
  • Highly Intelligent
  • Immunity to Joker Venom
  • Immunity to Plant-Based Toxins


  • Susceptible to Mental Illness


  • Physicality: 1 - Paltry / Below-Average
  • Occult: 1 - Paltry / Below-Average
  • Weaponry: 1 - Paltry / Below-Average
  • Expertise: 1 - Paltry / Below-Average
  • Range: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Strategy: 3 - Trained / Exceptional
    • TOTAL: 11
    • RANKING: No Threat

Trivia and Notes


Missing Data


  • Lucy Quinzel is a character from the Injustice 2 video game.
  • Comment about putting tutus on toy trucks is a nod to Injustice: Gods Among Us comic.

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