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Lucius Fox: 1957 - 2016

Lucius Fox grew up in Illinois. He excelled in school and stood out as a very gifted child. A habitual tinkerer, Lucius spent his childhood taking apart his parents appliances. With proper training in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Lucius became an inventor and later enrolled in the Morton School of Business, graduating magna cum laude. Upon entering private industry, Lucius Fox bounced around multiple companies (LuthorCorp, Kord Industries, STAR Labs, and Daggett Industries) working as everything from engineer, accountant, and tech consultant.

In the ‘90s, Lucius Fox took a position at Atwater Air as the VP of European Operations, headquartered in Paris, Lucius’ innovative ideas and planning helped save the small airline from bankruptcy and turned it into one of the top ten aerospace firms in the world, all in a manner of years. Due to his meteoric rise in the commercial market, Lucius had drawn a great deal of attention. It came to a surprise to Lucius, however, that some enemies sought him dead and had sent an assassin to end his life. Lucius survived the attack however and left Paris to return to the States immediately after his recovery. Shortly after his return, Lucius was offered a job at Wayne Enterprises by the recently appointed CEO, Bruce Wayne.

Wayne nominated Lucius Fox to take his place as CEO. While Lucius hasn’t been to any meetings in the Batcave or anything; he’s a smart guy. He has hinted that knows all about Bruce’s nightlife. Also, Bruce has tried to get Lucius as a more official ally; but he seems to like having some deniability and tends to play dumb and talk in code when such matters are discussed.[1]

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  • It is hinted that the assassin sent to kill Lucius was Bruce Wayne, but he instead saved him (with the help of Oliver Queen), and left the League of Assassins shortly after.
  • Lucius Fox has admitted to being a Nite Owl "fanboy", basing much of his designs on Nite Owl's arsenal. Interestingly, Lucius said he knew an aeronautics engineer at Atwater Air who was also a Nite Owl "fanboy" and the two would often geek out by theorizing how that equipment was made, even occasionally making blueprints. These hobby plans would late be adapted into actual prototypes for use by the Batman and his allies.[2]


  • Lucius Fox's appearance is based off of Morgan Freeman, who portrayed him in the Dark Knight trilogy.


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