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(Submitted by Four-Eyes)

Louis Tully: 1979 - 1997

Louis was born and raised in Star City with his older brother Albert. When Louis was seven, Harold Tully left his family to pursue an affair. As a result of this abandonment, Madeline raised her sons in a manner which she hoped would curb whatever behavioral influences their philandering father's genes might have given them. The result was that both Louis and Albert became socially awkward, particularly among women. The same could be said of Louis' cousin Sherman who came to live with Madeline and her sons after his parents died in a boating accident when Louis was twelve.

As Sherman and Louis were closer in age than Louis and Albert, Louis gravitated toward Sherman and the two became very close - even to the point that most assumed Sherman and Louis were twins and Albert was the cousin. But while Louis and Sherman remained quite close and had many social similarities, academically Sherman was much better off.

Sherman graduated high school as valedictorian and scored a scholarship to Metropolis University, but Louis had pretty average grades and his mother could not afford to send Louis to college without a scholarship. This complicated the relationship with Louis and his cousin, and with the added physical distance between them, their relationship deteriorated almost completely.

Louis Tully: 1997 - 2006

Louis remained in Star City, working around a number of thankless jobs to care for his aging mother and save up money for night school. Though most people overlooked Louis, he discovered a real talent for finding loopholes in tax codes while doing his mother's taxes.

Soon he was doing the taxes of most of his mother's friends, including their apartment building's managers, the Lances. After a couple years of this, Louis was elected to be President of the Dillin Tower Tenant Association. This new job gave him the schedule he needed to study to become an accountant.

While he was in night school, Dillin Tower's neighborhood underwent a drastic overhaul and the north side of Plesa Park became a highly sought place to live. Dillin Tower became an icon of the area and the building soon found itself under new ownership, being bought by Albert Davis. Mr. Davis convinced Louis to help him sway many residents to agree to a contract buyout and move out to allow for renovations which helped the building draw in more elite tenants who could afford higher rent.

Louis Tully: 2006 - 2010

When he became an accountant, Louis went into business for himself. He became the personal accountant for not only Dillin Tower but also many of its residents, which allowed Louis to send his mother to a retirement community in Florida where many of her friends had moved.

After his mother moved out, Louis became quite lonely. His social life was made up of hosting parties at his apartment for his clients (so he could write off the costs as a business expense). When an attractive woman named Dana moved down the hall from him, Louis was smitten. The only thing which could stop him from dating her was Louis himself.[1]

Louis Tully: 2010 - Present

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Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by TurtleGurl84) Here are some quick facts about Louis Tully!
    • Used money from appearing in the ads for Keymaster Cologne to buy a controlling interest in Ghostbusters Incorporated.
    • Is the captain of the Ghostbuster Bowling Team.
    • Buys off-brand aspirin in bulk.
  • (Submitted by Operator) In 2002, Rick Dillin disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving in his wake a legal mess regarding the future of his property and the tenants which lived there. Quentin Lance tried to get his wife's real estate company to purchase the building but they were met with opposition from the law firm of Slater, Stone, and Loring which claimed their client owned the building due to a prior agreement with the Dillin family. Louis recalled an obscure city statute. With the Lance's help making the proper introductions, Louis negotiated an agreement with the city and Queen Consolidated backed Star City Heritage Foundation. The city stepped in and allowed the SCHF to take custody of the building to retain its significance to the city's heritage. This allowed the tenants a measure of security for the next three years until the law firm won the legal dispute, turning control to their client, Albert Davis.

Threat Assessment


  • Master of Business Administration
    • Certified Accountant
    • Certified Actuary
    • Certified Notary
  • Law Degree
    • Good Standing with Bar Association of 7 States
    • Won 100% of his Criminal Defenses (1 Case)
  • Quite a Knack for Finding Loopholes and Exploits
  • Past Keymaster of Gozer
    • Residual Infernal Telepathic Reception
    • Residual Latent Familiarity with Zuul
    • Supernatural Senses


  • Attractive Women
    • Particularly Dana Barrett & Janine Melnitz
  • Greed (Always Looking for Good Deals)
  • Nachos


  • Physicality: 2 — Basic / Typical 
  • Occult: 4 — Expert / Enhanced
  • Weaponry: 1 — Paltry / Below-Average 
  • Expertise: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
  • Range: 2 — Basic / Typical 
  • Strategy: 1 — Paltry / Below-Average
    • TOTAL: 21
    • RANKING: Minimal Threat

Trivia and Notes


  • Marla Bloom was one of his clients.
  • He has a habit of locking himself out of his apartment.
  • After events of Hell on Earth he became Ghostbusters' benefactor.[2] Possession also left him with psychic abilities.


  • Louis Tully is a character from the Ghostbusters films and its related media.
  • In the movie it was Walter Peck who shut down the containment grid.
  • Harold Tully might be a nod to Harry Tully, an employee of Wayne-Powers and a friend of Warren McGinnis in the Batman Beyond animated series.
  • In the Ghostbusters media it was never confirmed who Oscar's father was.


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