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Lou Kamaka: 1990 - 2008

Louella (or "Lou" as she's more commonly known) is the daughter of an unlikely pairing between a globally ranked martial artist and a leading geneticist. Of course, when her parents met, neither one had truly established themselves in their respective fields yet. The two had met in Hawaii while Kapena Kamaka was out on a run on his favorite beach when he came upon a beautiful young scientist doing her research on sea turtles in a bikini and sarong. Kapena found the promise of brains and beauty to be irresistible while Catherine Devereux was lured in by Kapena's sense of humor and local knowledge. After a whirlwind romance, the two were married when it was discovered Catherine was with child. They named their daughter Louella, after Catherine's mother who had died of cancer five years before (and inspired Catherine's interest in genetics). When Lou was young, the couple's careers would pull them in two different directions.

Dr. Catherine Devereux had been recruited by STAR Labs and was asked to move from Hawaii to the mainland to work out of STAR Labs' complex in Star City which was beginning to show tremendous progress in the field of genetic manipulation thanks to some breakthroughs by two other scientists working on the same project as Catherine.

Meanwhile, Kapena Kamaka's career was exploding across the Pacific and beginning to take him to big money tournaments in Japan and South Rhelasia. Ultimately, it was decided to keep Lou in Hawaii where Kapena's extensive family could allow Lou a stable home environment.

Lou rebelled against the traditional rules set upon her by her Hawaiian grandmother, aunts, and uncle. One time when she backtalked to her uncle, Lou was hit so hard that she woke up in the hospital with her father there beside her, having forfeited a large prize match in order to catch the next flight to be with her when he heard what happened.

Kapena took this chance to open up to his daughter. He confessed he had become a martial artist to defend himself against his own father, who had not only struck Kapena when he was young but had used threats and abuse to enforce his will upon Lou's grandmother, aunts, and uncle. Kapena explained that Lou should forgive her uncle because he was only doing what had been done to him.

Lou refused to forgive her uncle and even threatened to run away if her father took her back there. Kapena agreed to take Lou with him, allowing her to become part of his support staff and pupil. Eventually, Lou even began appearing in some youth tournaments but after a talent agent saw her body at a weigh-in, she was approached about modeling.

Lou Kamaka: 2008 - 2011

Lou loved modeling. It made her feel good in a way she had never known before. She became addicted to the lifestyle and allowed herself to become a victim to some of the shadier aspects that plague that industry. While in Star City for a photoshoot with a famed photographer (who was a little too handsy), Lou decided she had enough and decked the guy. As she stormed out, she was stopped by Ron Alexander who had just witnessed that while looking for a model to be the face of his own company. After getting the job offer right then and there, Lou accepted.[1]

Lou Kamaka: 2011 - Present

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Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by GothGurl) Lou is a self-centered brat. She looks out for herself all the time and only helps others when doing so directly benefits her in some way. She is usually friendly to all of the former Ghost Smashers but will not keep quiet when she senses a good chance to make fun at their expense if she thinks it will make her more popular with others around her.
  • (Submitted by TurtleGurl84) Here are some fun facts about Lou:
    • In my research, I discovered she claimed she was bisexual in a 2009 interview for Casa Erotica magazine. There are other details in this article that make me question this information's accuracy.
    • Lou has won three triathlons of note. One was a state championship as a teenager, and again the following year when she competed in the adult triathlon. The third was much more recent, Lou won a charity triathlon here in Star City in July 2016. Supposedly she constantly cites this as proof that she's "still got it."
      • (Submitted by Mr_Roboto37) Am I the only one noticing that "TurtleGurl84" read a Casa Erotica magazine for "research?" Yeah, okay... but when I read it, I'm a perv?

Threat Assessment


  • Former Professional Model
    • Talented Manipulator
    • Expert Seductress
    • Skilled Negotiator
    • Connections in Corporate & Artistic Circles
    • Looks Great in a Swimsuit
    • World-Traveler
  • Fluent in 4 Languages
    • English, French, Japanese, & Spanish
  • Master of Kapu Kuialua Martial Arts
  • Champion Tri-Athlete
  • Amateur Parapsychologist


  • Loves to be the Center of Attention
  • Greedy
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Overly Competitive


  • Physicality: 4 - Expert / Enhanced
  • Occult: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Weaponry: 5 - Master / Remarkable
  • Expertise: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Range: 4 - Expert / Enhanced
  • Strategy: 2 - Basic / Typical

Trivia and Notes


  • Lou has a Threat Assessment ranking of 41, marking her as an Low Threat.
  • Dani Shpak is her best friend.
  • She considers Egon Spengler to be an annoyance.


  • Lou Kamaka is a character from the Ghostbusters comics by IDW and its related media.
  • Catherine Devereux is a Cadmus Labs scientist from the Supergirl, Vol. 5 comics.
  • Casa Erotica is an erotic series from the Supernatural TV series.

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