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Princess Alis: 2001 - 2006

Alis is the daughter of Lord Rellis Garnet and his wife Princess Saaren of House Sardonyx, also known as "Black Saaren." Both Garnet and Sardonyx were allies to House Ruby, and part of the Great Northern Alliance, sealed by Garnet's marriage to Princesses of Houses Ruby and Sardonyx.

Both Princesses bore children, both daughters, that were close in age. In order to preserve the alliance through future generations, the girls were kept together at all times and cycled through life among all three Houses.

When Lori was still quite young, being almost five at the time, House Ruby went to war with Houses Emerald and Amethyst. Tensions between Ruby and Emerald had always existed, but when young Princess Emerald went missing, House Emerald made no secret that they believed House Ruby was behind the girl's disappearance. Despite the crown's request that a summit be held, a civil war between the realms broke out.

Emerald and Amethyst successfully pulled off a surprise raid on the palace of Ruby Ruins where the daughters of Lord Garnet were living at the time. Most of the palace's staff and nobility were killed in the initial attack, but Princess Ruby survived, though gravely injured.

Princess Ruby used her magic to take herself, Alis, and Alis' half-sister Charra out of danger. Princess Ruby and both girls ended up on Earth. But the Princess was so injured and near-death, her Soul Shard went to Charra, thus preventing the three from returning to Gemworld.

Alice Gage-Smith: 2006 - 2014

Stranded in the Narrows of Gotham City, the former Princess Ruby raised Alis as she would her own daughter Charra. The three took on new names as Elaine Radcliffe and her daughters Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe and Alice Gage-Smith. Fearing death if any of them should return to Gemworld, Elaine encouraged both girls to forget about their magical heritage.

Despite Elaine's best efforts, Charlie and Alice had to learn to use their magical gifts during the Cataclysm to help protect their home and Elaine during that crisis, but when things returned to their usual state, the girls only practiced their powers together, in secret - both wanting to grow up and use their powers to become heroes for the people of the Narrows.

After damage to the apartment building during the Cataclysm had gone unseen to for years, Elaine and many other tenants began complaining to their inept landlord. When he failed to take the necessary actions, the tenants filed a lawsuit against him and after a lengthy court case, they won. In retaliation, the landlord set fire to his own building, hoping to collect the insurance money to pay off the debt. The fire killed over a dozen tenants, including Elaine Radcliffe.

Following Elaine's death, authorities had difficulty verifying that the girls were indeed related. Their forged identities did not hold up under intense scrutiny. Further complicating matters, Alice matched the description of a missing child from Texas. As authorities reached the conclusion that Alice was the missing girl, kidnapped and brainwashed by Elaine, Alice was taken from Charlie and sent to live with that stranger's family.

Though she vowed to find Charlie again, Alice was sent to Texas and made to live the life of a missing girl named Lauren Zechlin whose family were strict, religious, and overbearing. Alice couldn't wait to ditch them.[1]

Black Alice: 2014 - Present

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Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by Four-Eyes) The Aura Siphoning ability of the Princess of House Sardonyx allows them to absorb the aura of another in close proximity to themselves, rendering the other without their magical powers for a time while allowing Lori to use their magical powers or abilities. Though Lori will gain some insight into the use of these abilities, she will not have the original user's skill.
  • (Submitted by Four-Eyes) A "Princess Gem" is a female Gemworlder descended from the nobility who has inherited their House Soul Shard and then is distinguished by their house name, such as "Princess Amethyst" and "Princess Ruby." A Gemworlder of a noble house who has the potential to inherit a Soul Shard is known as a Noble or Radiant Gem. They often have much higher magical potential than the common people of Gemworld. This magical potential means they often hold the most powerful positions in most facets of Gemworld life: military, trade, industry, politics, academia, etc. A commoner is simply called a Gemworlder, or Rough Gem. They have a slightly more magical aptitude than a normal human, but that's about it. They're essentially the same as humans.

Threat Assessment


  • Princess Gem Physiology
    • Accelerated Healing
    • Enhanced Durability
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Telepathic Resistance
  • Heir of House Sardonyx
    • Advanced Crystallomancy
    • Aura Siphoning
    • Clairvoyancy
    • Magical Analysis
    • Occult Instincts
  • Highly Intelligent
  • Movie Buff


  • Emotional Instability
  • Uncontrolled Power (Aura Siphoning)
  • Problem with Authority

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