London is the capital of England.

In 1987, Adrian Veidt detonated bombs across the world in a misguided attempt to achieve world peace by framing Dr. Manhattan for the foul deed. One of these bombs detonated at St. Mary's College in London. The resulting crater was flooded by the Thames and soon filled with foul water, debris, and corpses. The locals call this crater "St. Mary's Lake." Crime in the area is rampant.

A nasty virus formed in St. Mary's Lake caused by the radiation, corpses, and sheer amount of death concentrated in that small area. St. Mary's virus festered in this lake and it spread, ravaging the survivors of the blast in the following months and killing a hundred thousand more in the first six months alone. London fell into chaos and where London went, the rest of the country followed. Many saw the writing on the wall and fled, but others saw opportunity.

The Under-Secretary of Defense Adam Sutler used this crisis to rally the nation behind him. His first attempts at catapulting himself to higher office fizzled out when the virus was contained and the death toll kept in check, but Sutler was not alone in his hunger for power. With Peter Creedy and Lewis Prothero's help a new virus was created and released in the neighborhoods near the lake and also Sutler's political rivals and neighborhoods with demographics not likely to vote for his party (ie: non-white, non-Christian, non-conservative). The virus killed three times what it previously did in just two months. This pandemic gripped people in fear as Sutler campaigned for power. Norsefire won in a landslide victory with 87% of the vote.

Due to the party's focus on England, other parts of the country, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland left UK. The collapse of the UK and the rise of England as an independent entity gave Norsefire another opportunity to unite its citizens, declaring "England prevails!" as a rallying cry.

With creation of new ministries, buildings across London became their headquarters:

  • The Head - 10 Downing Street
  • The Hand - Century House
  • The Ear - Thames House
  • The Nose - Scotland Yard
  • The Mouth - Jordan Tower[1]

On November 4th, 2016, the Old Bailey is destroyed by a man known as V in an explosive display of fireworks and the booming sounds of the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky. The city is rocked by this and the state, knowing it was the work of a terrorist and afraid of inciting panic, downplay it as a controlled demolition and surprise spectacle for the people. The next day, V hijacked emergency frequency braodcasted a message.[2]

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  • V's attacks are a nod to the movie V for Vendetta.

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