Lizzie Dahl: 2006 - Present

The little firecracker we have come to know as Lizzie Dahl was born as Elizabeth Smith in Aberdeen, Scotland to parents whose schedules and lifestyles afforded them little time to spend with their daughter. The family had tried to remedy that with a family vacation which booked their passage of Flight 1286.

It was while aboard their plane, while awaiting take-off on the runway that young Lizzie befriended a mysterious man shortly before a gunfight erupted near their plane, between Black Mask’s men and a rival gang of gunrunners. By the time the fight was over, many people aboard the plane were dead, including Lizzie’s parents. Lizzie herself was critically wounded and rushed to the hospital by her mysterious new friend.

Leslie Thompkins was able to save young Lizzie’s life and when Lizzie pulled through after two weeks in a coma, she found that her mysterious new friend had agreed to adopt her, if she was willing, Lizzie was also pleased to discover that the man responsible for her parent’s death had confessed to his crimes and been sent to Arkham Asylum.

As far as kid age go, Lizzie is quite sweet (when she wants to be), but is also rather cunning and intelligent. She still speaks with a heavy Scottish brogue, despite having lived in Gotham for several years. Lizzie attends Brentwood Academy where she is in the same grade as several other potential assets (Samuel Kane, Tiffany Fox, Lian Harper, and Terry McGinnis) and does not suffer bullying, often becoming violent in the defense of those being tormented (obviously, she learned such behavior from her adoptive father).

At home, Lizzie shares an intense bond with her surrogate dad, Jack. She found in him the bond that she was missing with her natural parents and looks forward to the break he takes from his nightly patrols to read her a story, tuck her in, and wish her sweet dreams.[1]


Lizzie Dahl was Canonized by the Anti-Monitor and is no more.

Trivia and Notes


  • Lizzie Dahl is an original character created by Foxy-Knight.
  • Part of the Earth-2027 continuity.

Links and References

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