Lincoln March: 1977 - Present

Lincoln March began life as an orphan. Apparently he was left on the doorstep of Willowwood Orphanage on September 17th, 1977; when he was just days old (the remains of his umbilical cord were still present) with a note which said his name (Note: I suspect his mother used a fake surname as a I cannot find any records of a woman named “March” that was pregnant at that time within a 100 mile radius of Gotham City). March would remain in the care of Willowwood until he was seven, at which time he was adopted by Robert and Regina Zellerbach, wealthy couple among Gotham’s elite, and was afforded the opportunity to attend Brentwood Academy, where he excelled at almost every subject.

By the time he was a teenager, the Zellerbachs had Lincoln attend an even more elite, prestigious academy in Europe to take advantage of Lincoln’s remarkably broad acumen. By the time Lincoln was twenty-three, he was a master of business management and had turned his adopted father’s old investment company into a leading tech and pharmaceuticals developer. With a few million dollars loaned to him by family friends in the elite circles of Gotham’s old moneyed families and decade of careful investments and planning, Lincoln was able to start up his own company: March Ventures and become the fifth richest man in Gotham.

After seemingly mastering the private sector, Lincoln has set his eyes on the public sector as of late. After running a successful campaign for the mayor’s office, March was elected as Gotham City’s next mayor. He celebrated his successful campaign by marrying his long-time fiancée (and ex-sweetheart of Bruce Wayne), Vesper Fairchild.

Though he has a few skeletons in his closet, he is no different than other businessmen of great wealth (I mean, I work for billionaire with a long history of hiding expenses from public scrutiny, assault, breaking & entering, etc) so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’ll make a fine mayor. I mean, he can’t be shadier than Mayor Hady, right?[1]


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  • Lincoln won the 2016 election in a real life poll that took place on November 8th, 2016, in Roy's DeviantArt page.
  • Lincoln's identity as Owlman hasn't been revealed yet in E27. Roy has also hinted that he may be Thomas Wayne, Jr. Bruce's long thought dead baby brother, but hasn't confirmed it yet.
  • Lincoln's residence might be another nod to the Court of Owls and his identity as Owlman. In the comics, the Court had secret lairs in old buildings.
  • Lincoln's appearance is based off of Christian Bale.
  • Owlman portrait is inspired by Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths movie.
  • Lincoln's civilian portrait is the mirror image of Bruce Wayne's.

Links and References

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