The Legion of Doom wants quite simply the destruction of the Justice League. They also team up to pull off schemes together. It is not uncommon for Flash to respond to a bank robbery expecting to deal with Captain Cold, only to also have to tangle with Grodd and Riddler as well.[1]

They were founded in 2010. Just months after the Justice League was reorganized under ARGUS and the UN. Someone's laundering their loot, arranged the construction of their secret base, and providing them with "stolen" LuthorCorp tech.

Trivia and Notes


  • While Lex Luthor is an ally, he might have stopped supporting them financially and with tech.
  • Grandmaster captured, tortured, and killed many associates of the Legion due their connection to Brainiac.[2]


  • According to Roy: Yes, this isn't the "original" Legion of Doom. We're missing Giganta, Solomon Grundy, & Lex Luthor; and we have replaces for them. What gives? Well, Giganta is a heroine in E27 so she has been replaced with Circe. Solomon Grundy was replaced with Black Adam to give the Marvel family an enemy on the team, and Vandal Savage is standing in for Luthor as Vandal is a member of the Light in Earth-27 and Lex's mortality is questionable and he doesn't overtly operate with known criminals. So, Savage stands in place for Luthor, Black Adam stands in for Grundy, and Circe stands in for Giganta.[3]

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