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Medical Profile Edit

  • Patient is in fair health with elevated cholesterol levels, presumably from a diet made of bacon, pork, and ham almost exclusively.

Psychological Profile Edit

  • Patient's blood work shows he has survived an overdose of an unidentified neurotoxin which has left him a brain-damaged schizophrenic with delusions that his "surgeries" unlock a person's "perfect" form.
  • Patient has increasingly rare bouts of clarity.

Behavior Profile Edit

  • Patient should be kept locked in his cell at all times as he is prone to attempt performing impromptu "surgeries" on staff and patients (See #11-5683, #11-7812 #14-8421).
  • Patient is a Security Threat Group Leader & as such, contact with other "Circus of Strange" members should be kept to a strict minimum.
  • Patient has had documented altercations with patients Anton Schott (#58111), Thomas Elliot (#60903), Jonathan Crane (#61505), & Victor Fries (#68373) - According to this patient, the altercations were only "medical discussions".
  • Patient has several property/contraband rule violations (Collection of objects to use as crude surgical instruments and crafting pig masks).
  • Threat Assignment: High
  • Treatment Ranking: 6-Hostile

Trivia and Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He works for Amanda Waller and her SPYRAL program.
  • When he's in Arkham he's housed in the Solitary Confinement.

Notes Edit

  • Professor Pyg's Patient number (#77666) is a nod to his first comic book appearance: Batman #666, in July 2007.

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