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  • The Lady of Arkham, also simply known as Lady Arkham, is a masked woman who has been hacking television broadcasts to declare her message of exposing government corruption and false idols. Much of her rhetoric also demonstrates that she is in devout opposition to Mayor March's proposed shutting down of Arkham Asylum. Armed with prototype security weapons and a mask that was once a proposed armament for Arkham Security under Amadeus Arkham's direction, Lady Arkham has a clear connection to Arkham Asylum but her identity remains unknown.[1]
  • She's against masked heroes and vigilantes because they break the Keene Act, even though the act was repealed.[2]
  • Lady Arkham in reality is working for Amanda Waller. She's a prisoner under mind control and experimented on in Arkham Asylum's Black Wing (and Waller's favorite test subject). She is wearing a prototype suit meant to turn an ordinary person into a formidable threat and has radioactive red liquid (Red-K) pumped through it. Her cane was designed as a weapon to quell prisoner riots in Arkham by taking the user's dormant psychic energy and magnifying it.[3]


  • Lady Arkham is a character from Batman: The Telltale Series. In the game she was Vicki Vale / Victoria Arkham. Her true identity is yet to be revealed in Earth-27.

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