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Kristen Nashton

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Trivia and Notes


  • She became Lucy Quinzel's guardian after Harley Quinn brought her in 2009 when she and Joker were running away from Gotham.
  • After Emily Nashton's apparent death Lucy didn't know how to process this and became violent and aggressive. Kristen reached out to her ex-husband to put her in contact with the girl's mother. Unfortunately, Kristen's timing was awful. Though Edward had been living a clean life for some time, he was a little tied up at the moment - literally. Joker happened to be in Edward's office interrogating the private investigator when his ex left the message on his machine. Before the end of the day, Lucy and Joker both disappeared. Lucy reappeared after few weeks at Vicki Vale's apartment.[1]

Links and References

  1. This is Earth-27's Lucy Quinzel
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