History (Submitted by Valkyrie)

Kaye Ou: 1449 - 1711

Kaye is the product of Apokalyptan Breeding Pits. She was taken from her mother at three days old and has no memory of her or her father. Due to the rarity of viable Termagant/Apokalyptan hybrids, Kaye was sent to the Orphanage by order of Darkseid to be raised as a Fury.

Given a name which simply said "red hair", Young Kaye was taught by Granny Goodness, the director of the orphanage and trained with dozens of Furies, but none of them made quite the impact on Kaye as the Doyenne of the Female Furies: Barda.

Kaye Ou: 1711 - 1949

Barda was the only other Termagant Kaye had any interaction with. She came to look at the Doyenne as a surrogate sister and idolized everything about her. After winning a tournament at the orphanage, Barda asked Kaye to accompany her in the field for a number of missions where Barda could benefit from the extra muscle. Many of these missions required the tracking and capture of the elusive Skophre.

With each successful mission, Barda's prestige grew and so did her gratitude toward Kaye. Barda made certain that Kaye was rewarded for her service, but her generosity was also deliberately engineered to keep Kaye quiet about Skophre and Barda's flirting - something Kaye had been somewhat oblivious to, thinking that it was merely harmless banter.

Kaye Ou: 1949 - 2001

Kaye's arrogance had begun to grow, but humility was on the horizon. When a plague in the Breeding Pit had depleted the fertility of a number of Termagant incubators, Darkseid ordered that one Termagant be sent from each region to fill their Breeding Pits' losses. Most regions did not have any Termagants, but Goodness' Orphanage had two. To decide who should stay and who should become an incubator, a contest between Barda and Kaye was organized. The battle was impressive enough to merit Darkseid himself coming to enjoy the festivities, but when the dust of the arena settled, it was the Doyenne who stood victorious.

Shacked and restrained, Kaye was taken to the nearby Breeding Pit and there she labored for the next fifty-two years. Kaye had heard horror stories of the Breeding Pits, but for her she enjoyed the work. Goodness' training had instilled in her a devout sense of imperial pride and Kaye was never one to turn down an opportunity for sex.

Due to her work as a Fury, Kaye was considered to be of superior genetic stock than other incubators and she was given a luxurious cell in the Pit which afforded her a number of amenities and luxuries to enjoy between her scheduled encounters.

Kaye became pregnant three times during this tenure in the Pit, which was to be expected with the rarity of Termagant pregnancies, but did not carry a child to full-term. A fact which upset Kaye, though she'd never let anyone see her cry as, on Apocalypse, that would be a sign of weakness.

Kaye Ou: 2001

One day, to Kaye's surprise, Granny Goodness delivered an imperial pardon from the Pit for Kaye, but freedom came with a cost...[1]

Kaye Ou: 2001 - 2006

Kaye was sent to Earth, tasked to find Barda and Skophre. She spent nearly four years in Sector 2814. Most of her time was spent dodging Green Lanterns, but following the Battle of Alcatraz, Kaye had a large opening where the Lantern presence in the Sector was impaired, freeing Kaye up to use her Fatherbox to quickly track down Barda as the two's Fatherboxes were familiar with one another.

When Kaye found Barda, the former Doyenne was obviously engaged in a romantic relationship with the male prisoner she had been ordered to return to imprisonment on Apokalypse. Kaye kicked down the couple's front door and impaled Barda with a spear. An intense battle broke out between the two Furies, with Skophre retreating further into the home at Barda's command. As the battle went on, Kaye got the upperhand and pinned Barda to a wall, allowing her to pursue Skophre. Kaye found him in a nearby room, comforting a small crying child. Kaye discerned that the child was not only of Genesisian and Apokalyptan origin, but also had a strong resemblance to the Doyenne, but with her father's eyes.

After this revelation, Kaye decided to leave the couple on the "backwater planet". Kaye returned to Apokalypse and told Goodness and Darkseid that she found evidence that their ship had crashed on Earth's moon. However, while she was giving this report, DeSaad hacked Kaye's Fatherbox and discovered that while Kaye had deleted some of its archived data, she had forgotten to conceal that the Fatherbox had detected Barda and Skophre's life signs recently. DeSaad revealed this to Darkseid and Kaye was immediately returned to the Breeding Pits, this time deprived of her past luxuries and choice of breeding studs.

Knockout: 2006 - 2007

Kaye was tortured until she became pregnant with a child of her own, a daughter. Goodness took the child from her mother immediately after the birth. While Kaye was left alone in her cell crying, her shackles were depowered and her door was unlocked. A familiar figure in her doorway tossed Kaye her Fatherbox and said "We owed you one."

Kaye decided to follow her savior back to Earth and to make a new life there. Shortly after arriving on Earth, she sold her services as a mercenary and was quickly recruited by a figure known as Mockingbird. There she met Scandal Savage and the two became longtime lovers.

Knockout: 2007 - 2015

Kaye served in the Six for six years and change. If she wasn't on-call with the Six, she was bound to be found on an island paradise somewhere with Scandal. That is until Scandal left Kaye to go work for her father. Kaye found comfort on the beaches of Hawaii, flagrantly flirting with a young Kryptonian in the midst of an identity crisis.

Knockout: 2015 - Present

Soon enough, Scandal tracked Kaye down to recruit her back into the Six. There was some tension at first due to Scandal being in a relationship with another redhead, but they found a solution to their problem: all three got married. They've been a happy 'throuple' ever since.[2]

Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by Cypher) Like all Termagants, Kaye's emotions play a key role in her physicality. When she is driven by strong emotions such as anger or love, her powers are near peak levels. However, when she is experiencing emotions such as sorrow, regret, or frustration, her physical ability is in a state of fluctuation which can make her exceptionally vulnerable.
  • (Submitted by Oracle) Knockout loves combat, and is often the first into a fight and the last out. It doesn't overwhelm her to a degree that it endangers her allies, but she has little interest in the safety of bystanders who happen to get in her way - paying them little to no regard. She can get territorial over battles, taking affront at any allies who try to help her. She can also be touchy in defense of her violent nature and she can be downright arrogant about her combat skill. Kaye can also use her sexuality as a weapon, as her upbringing led her to consider sex just another tool. This has supposedly caused some drama in her Earthly relationships.
  • (Submitted by Cypher) During her time toying with Superboy, pretty much most of what Kaye said was pretty blunt innuendo as she manipulated his attraction to her to try turning him into her slave - like a true Apokalyptan incubator. Since then, Kaye has developed a much more complex grasp of the human perception of love, affection, and what a relationship means.

Key Affiliations

  • Secret Six: Kaye is a frequent member of the Secret Six and has been since she first joined up with the band of elite mercenaries in 2007.
  • Scandal Savage: Kaye is married to the Amazonian exile and daughter of Vandal Savage known as Scandal. The two are extremely devoted to one another, as well as to their mutual shared wife, Emily Nashton.
  • Emily Nashton: Kaye is married to this former Teen Titan and the daughter of the Riddler. Emily and Kaye love each other dearly.
  • Granny Goodness: Kaye is a former pupil of Granny Goodness, but now resents her with all her heart.
  • Apokalypse: Kaye is a fugitive from Apokalypse.
  • Superboy: Kaye once had a brief affair with Kon-El.

Threat Assessment


  • Apokalyptan Termagant Physiology: Kaye is part of a rare sub-race of Apokalyptans, created through a select process of genetic engineering and selective breeding. Only females of this sub-species are viable.
    • Accelerated Regenerative Healing: Kaye can recover from injuries both trivial and extreme with relative ease. Minor injuries are repaired within seconds while severe, life-threatening injuries can mend themselves in a week's time or less, provided she has been stabilized to prevent death.
    • Enhanced Reflexes: Kaye has a highly developed nervous system. Her reaction speed and hand-eye coordination are superior to that of a normal human. She can move fast enough to dodge a bullet before the gun fires. She's been known to grab speedsters while they were running.
    • Enhanced Resilience: Kaye is highly resistant to blunt force trauma like punches, kicks, and blows from weapons like bats and maces, though not completely immune; unless the blows are dealt by a being with similar or greater strength, there is little chance of serious injury. Kaye is also resistant to other types of damage, including slashing weapons or hazards like extreme heat, extreme cold, and most forms of radiation. She is not invulnerable, but she's close enough to fool most.
    • Enhanced Stamina: Kaye's stamina and endurance far exceed those of a human. Due to the naturally exhausting and extensive rigors of her life on Apokalypse and training at Goodness' orphanage, Kay can manage at her peak efficiency for up to 48 hours without food or rest.
    • Enhanced Strength: Kaye, much like all other Termagants, was bred for her strength. Her time at Goodness' orphanage honed this raw power into a weapon. Since she had been documented as lifting objects weighting over 100 tons and been shown able to knockout a Kryptonian with her bare hands, Kaye's strength has been categorized as Class VIII.
    • Immortality: Kaye is functionally immortal. As with most Apokalyptans, Kaye ceased naturally aging shortly after fully maturing. She is immune to the ravages of time, and could easily live for thousands upon thousands of years. Stress (such as severe injuries or prolonged emotional distress) can cause her appearance and overall health to degrade.
    • Limited Shapeshifting: Kaye is able to alter her appearance in minor cosmetic ways, such as altering her skin color (ie: concealing her spots), changing her eye or hair appearance, growing or shrinking herself within a few inches of her natural height, and so forth. This is usually done to allow her to integrate more easily with other alien species.
  • Centuries of Combat Experience (Legendary Brawler, Weaponsmaster): Kaye is a masterfully trained warrior who has an incredible amount of real battlefield experience. This experience has shaped her into a formidable foe for nearly anyone, particularly in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Master Seductress: As a former incubator within the breeding pits of Apokalypse, Kaye has a great deal of experience in carnal pursuits. This expertise, combined with her natural beauty, make her a legendary temptress.
  • Multilingual: Kaye is fluent in Genesisian, Parademon, Tamaranean, and English.


  • Emotional Fluctuation: Kaye's powers wane with emotional stress.
  • Vulnerable to Radion: Likewise, Kaye's physical might affords her little protection against Radion weaponry.


  • Physicality: 7 - Legendary
  • Occult: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Weaponry: 7 - Legendary
  • Expertise: 3 - Trained / Exceptional
  • Range: 5 - Master / Remarkable
  • Strategy: 4 - Expert / Enhanced

Trivia and Notes


  • Knockout has a Threat Assessment ranking of 132, marking her as a Severe Threat.


  • Kaye Ou is a composite character of Knockout and Liana Kerzner, both lovers of Scandal Savage.
    • About Liana Kerzner: "In Earth-27, I suppose the character Liana Kerzner doesn't exist. Knockout has been given her name as a civilian/Earth name and Emily Nashton has replaced Liana's role as a love interest to both Scandal and Knockout. You may wonder why I did this. First, I felt Emily had more potential to show up in VOX Boxes and it gave her more of a connection to her team. Second, it allowed me to make my own unique spin on the Six even more cemented. Third, it kept the Six from overflowing with red heads (not that I don't love redheads). Fourth, it made the threesome more fearsome to have the fierce warrior, the brawny beauty, and the smart cookie all part of their trinity rather than having one be the definite weak link in the chain with no real skills except being a decent dancer. Fifth, I didn't see anybody jumping to sponsor Liana. So, if someone sponsors Liana does that mean we'll retcon this? No. I don't think so. If someone really, really wants to see Liana and sponsors her, then I've got a trick up my sleeve to bring her into the mix without having to reboot anything."[3]
  • Conner being her lover and her birth date are nods to her first appearance: Superboy, Vol. 4 #1 in February, 1994.

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