Kandor is a planet in the Rao System (Sector 2813). It was a Kryptonian military focused colony. The colony was attacked by the Calatonians in an preemptive attack, fearing Kryptonians will attack them after defeating Dheronians.[1] Due to decimation of House of Zod in the attack, the colony was appointed new administrators in the House of Ak-Var.

After destruction of Krypton, Brainiac's fleet set their destination to Kandor. The colony was destroyed and all their inhabitants killed except for Thara Ak-Var.

Trivia and Notes


  • Calatonians tried to kill Dru-Zod due to him being Krypton's greatest military mind.


  • In the comics Kandor was a city shrunk by Brainiac and put in a bottle.

Links and References

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