Kaisa: 2900 BCE - 470

Kaisa was not born an Amazon but was an ancient member of the Jomon culture in the realm which we now identify as Japan. A brave and talented warrior woman, Kaisa became the ruler of her own small piece of land when she proved herself to be the best hunter, fighter, and spear-thrower among her tribe. Kaisa only ever wanted to live a life free of stress and worry but found her claim constantly being challenged by others who saw her gender as evidence of her inability to lead. Whenever such challenger came from outside her tribe, Kaisa would not only defeat her opponent in whatever competition they requested but then she would also conquer their own settlements or enslave their family to allow herself and her people the ability to live without the worry of carrying out the essential menial labors of everyday life.

But life as a laid-back warlord was not as easy as Kaisa hoped and soon enough her servants, slaves, and even her own subjects and soldiers rebelled against her. Even though they ambushed her while she lay passed out, drunken, and naked in a hot spring, the assassins failed to kill Kaisa and she killed all twelve of the men who were sent to kill her and only fled when she saw her entire army readying arms against her.

Reduced to nothing, Kaisa made a living for a few months as a lone pillager and thief, stealing food and clothing from anybody she encountered until she met Myrina the Black. Impressed with Kaisa's talents, Myrina brought Kaisa to her camp where other notable women were being assembled for a pilgrimage to the mysterious vanishing paradise known as Themyscira.

After undertaking the sacred rites and imbibing the potent potions, Kaisa became a full-blooded Amazon and combined with thousands of years spent soaking in the revitalizing energy of Themyscira. Kaisa became even more exceptionally gifted than she had ever been in her mortal life. Yet, even when given a literal paradise on which to live, Kaisa was not yet content...[1]

Bliss: 470 - Present

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  • Kaisa/Bliss is an original character created by Roysovitch with input from the Earth-27 community for the Earth-27 project.
  • In the comics Myrina the Black is an Amazon assassin and mother of Darkseid's daughter.

Links and References

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