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On New Year's Eve 2003, Brainiac invaded the Earth and seven heroes rose up to stop him. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Flash and the Martian Manhunter would go on to form the Justice League of America. This team would go on to gain over eighty members and has easily become the most recognized superhero team in the world.

The Justice League was founded with seven members, so every year there is a meeting where all members are allowed to attend, this is called a Founders' Meeting. At a Founder's Meeting, each founder takes a turn nominating a candidate for consideration. After all founders have been heard, there is a vote. Each member votes yea or nay on each nomination. If a candidate gets 57% approval (57% being 4/7th of a vote, the same ratio that would have passed at the original Founders' Meeting) then they are invited to join the Justice League. If there was anyone who was disqualified, that Founder can nominate a new candidate at that time or at a second, special Founders' Meeting at a later date.

There can only be seven new additions to the Justice League every year as that is their tradition, not including legacy replacements. As a member of the Justice League, you are a symbol for Justice. If you died as an honorable member of the League, the League believes that your memory should be honored and if a worthy successor shows up, then they can be admitted into the League with a 57% majority during a Founders' Meeting, but they must still have at least one Founder that votes 'Yay' to pass.

In 2006, Bruce Wayne ran a campaign to shut them down (to protect his own identity as Batman in the wake of Jason Todd's internet unmasking and execution) and there was also some fallout with the revelation of the Suicide Squad being funded by the US Government at the same time, so the U.S. Senate voted to terminate the JLA.

In 2009 the team was re-established under ARGUS and U.N. supervision and re-branded as the Justice League.

Officially in 2014, the founders meeting was never held due having been postponed by an alien invasion. Unbeknownst to the public, the Founder's Meeting was later held on the Watchtower. There it was agreed that instead of inducting new members, the League would create a covert branch of operatives. And thus was born 'the Team', aka: Young Justice.

At the same time Dark Justice was created to combat supernatural threats.[1]

Additionally, the League has a number of Honorary Members which are long-time allies who have never officially joined their ranks, such as the immortal members of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

Fallen members of the Justice League are referred to as "Eternal Justice."[2]


The Justice League is much smaller due to some past event that caused a division in the ranks, causing many to distance themselves from the League. Likewise, the League lost its UN backing and now operates as an independent entity, run out of the Watchtower which is starting to show massive signs of disrepair. Bruce calls it the "Deathtrap."

Known members are:

List of Justice League Members

Designation Number Hero Name Real Name Joined In Sponsor Notes
"The Founders"
1 Superman Clark Kent 2003 Former Chairman.
2 Wonder Woman Diana 2003
3 Batman Bruce Wayne 2003 Left to join the Outsiders in 2017.
4 Green Arrow Oliver Queen 2003
5 Black Canary Dinah Lance 2003 Chairwoman.
6 The Flash Barry Allen 2003
7 Martian Manhunter J'onn J'onzz 2003
"The All-American Squad"
8 Icon Augustus Freeman 2004 Superman
9 Captain Marvel Billy Batson 2004 The Flash
10 Red Tornado Maxine Hunkel 2004 Martian Manhunter
11 Captain Atom Cameron Scott 2004 Wonder Woman
12 The Question Renee Montoya 2012 Batman Number originally belonged to Vic Sage, but was given to Renee Montoya in 2012. Inactive.
13 Green Lantern Hal Jordan 2009 Green Arrow Number originally belonged to Abin Sur, but was given to Hal Jordan in 2009.
14 Green Lantern John Stewart 2004 Black Canary
"Science & Sorcery"
15 Aquaman Arthur Curry 2005 Superman
16 Aquawoman Mera ta'Xebel ro'Curry 2005 Wonder Woman Inactive.
17 Elastic Man Ralph Dibny 2005 Green Arrow
18 Elastic Woman Sue Dibny 2005 Black Canary
19 The Atom Ray Palmer 2005 Batman
20 Firestorm Ronnie Raymond & Martin Stein 2005 The Flash
21 Dr. Fate Giovanni Zatara & Nabu 2005 Martian Manhunter
"Youth & Duty"
22 Dr. Midnight Charles McNider 2006 Black Canary
23 Black Lightning Jefferson Pierce 2006 Green Arrow Also a member of the Outsiders. Not officially recognized by ARGUS.
24 Nightwing Dick Grayson 2006 Batman Also a member of the Outsiders. Not officially recognized by ARGUS. Inactive.
25 Cyborg Victor Stone 2006 Superman Also a member of the Outsiders. Not officially recognized by ARGUS. Inactive.
26 Starfire Koriand'r 2006 The Flash Not officially recognized by ARGUS. Left to join the Outlaws.
27 Raven Rachel Roth 2006 Wonder Woman Also a member of the Outsiders. Not officially recognized by ARGUS. Inactive.
28 Beast Boy Garfield Logan 2006 Martian Manhunter Also a member of the Outsiders. Not officially recognized by ARGUS. Inactive.
"New Guard"
29 Hawkwoman Shiera Sanders-Hall 2009 Wonder Woman Inactive.
30 Hawkman Carter Hall 2009 Superman Inactive.
31 Fire Beatriz da Costa 2009 Green Arrow
32 Ice Tora Olafsdotter 2009 Black Canary
33 Booster Gold Michael Jon Carter 2009 The Flash
34 Blue Beetle Ted Kord 2009 Batman
35 Green Lantern Guy Gardner 2009 Martian Manhunter
"Mech & Magic"
36 Green Lantern Kyle Rayner 2010 Martian Manhunter
37 Chieftess Nubia 2010 Wonder Woman Inactive.
38 Rocket Raquel Ervin 2010 Superman
39 Shift Rex Mason 2010 The Flash Also a member of the Outsiders. Not officially recognized by ARGUS. Inactive.
40 Hawk Holly Granger 2016 Black Canary Number originally belonged to Hank Hall, but was given to Holly Granger in 2016.
41 Dove Dawn Granger 2013 Green Arrow Number originally belonged to Don Hall, but was given to Dawn Granger in 2013.
42 Mr. Terrific Curtis Holt 2010 Batman
"2011 Additions"
43 Vibe Cisco Ramon 2011 The Flash
44 Mirage Cynthia Reynolds 2011 Black Canary
45 Guardian John Diggle 2011 Green Arrow
46 Vixen Mari McCabe 2011 Wonder Woman
47 Steel John Henry Irons 2011 Superman
48 Zatanna Zatanna Zatara 2011 Batman Also a member of Dark Justice. Not officially recognized by ARGUS. Inactive.
49 Animal Man Buddy Baker 2011 Martian Manhunter
"2012 Additions"
50 Power Girl Karen Starr 2012 Superman
51 Huntress Helena Bertinelli 2012 Wonder Woman Not officially recognized by ARGUS. Inactive.
52 Oracle Barbara Gordon 2012 Batman Not officially recognized by ARGUS. Inactive.
53 Element Woman Emily Sung 2012 Green Arrow
54 Doctor Light Kimiyo Hoshi 2012 Black Canary
55 Green Lantern Simon Baz 2012 The Flash
56 Rocket Red Dmitri Pushkin 2012 Martian Manhunter
"2013 Additions"
57 Maxima Maxima 2013 Martian Manhunter
58 Blue Devil Danielle Cassidy 2013 The Flash
59 Requiem Andraste 2013 Wonder Woman Inactive.
60 The Ray Lucien Gates 2013 Superman
61 Mink Vivian d'Aramis 2013 Green Arrow
62 Marten Constance d'Aramis 2013 Black Canary
63 Technocrat Adam Strange 2013 Batman
"2015 Additions"
64 Godiva Dora Leigh 2015 Black Canary
65 Tomorrow Woman Clara Kendall 2015 Green Arrow
66 Amazing Man Will Everett 2015 Flash
67 Janissary Selma Tolon 2015 Batman
68 Maya Chandi Gupta 2015 Martian Manhunter
69 STRIPES Pat Dugan 2015 Superman
70 Stargirl Courtney Whitmore 2015 Wonder Woman Also a member of the Team.
"2016 Additions"
71 Lady Marvel Mary Bromfield 2016 Wonder Woman
72 King Marvel Freddy Freeman 2016 Superman
73 Star Sapphire Carol Ferris 2016 Green Arrow
74 Green Lantern Jessica Cruz 2016 Black Canary
75 Firehawk Lorraine Reilly 2016 The Flash
76 Big Barda Barda Free 2016 Martian Manhunter
77 Mister Miracle Scott Free 2016 Batman
"2017 Additions"
78 Coldsnap Caitlin Snow 2017 The Flash
79 Britannia Penny Black 2017 Black Canary
80 Triumph Mina McIntyre 2017 Martian Manhunter
81 Matrix Thara Ak-Var 2017 Wonder Woman
82 Zenith Lor-Zod 2017 Superman
83 2017 Green Arrow
84 Silver Sorceress Laura Nelson 2017 Batman
"ARGUS: Justice League Division"
A-1 Chief Trevor Steve Trevor 2003 Justice League Coordinator
A-2 Deputy Chief Candy Etta Candy 2009 Justice League Security Chief
A-3 Media Liaison Cobert Catherine Cobert 2009 Justice League Spokeswoman
A-4 Officer Carr Lucas "Snapper" Carr Justice League Communications Officer
A-5 Officer Tresser Thomas Tresser Justice League Intelligence Officer
A-6 Quartermaster Freemont Cheyenne Freemont Justice League Quartermaster
A-7 Officer Pearlman Jillian Pearlman Justice League Flight Officer
A-8 Wallace Wells Justice League Analyst
"Honorary Members"
0 Triumph I William McIntyre
H-1 Desperado Greg Saunders
H-2 Phantom Stranger Unknown
H-3-B Skeets S.C.E.E.T.S. Mk II
H-4 Shining Knight Ystina
"Reserve Members"
R-1 Etrigan Jason Blood
R-2 Swamp Thing Alec Holland
"Members not recognized by ARGUS"
67 Deadman Boston Brand

Trivia and Notes


  • There are two spin-off teams of the Justice League: Dark Justice, which takes care of mystical and magical threats; and The Team, that goes on covert ops the Justice League can't do. The members of these teams aren't recognized by ARGUS as members of the Justice League. [4]
  • They (mainly the founders) are considered the "third generation of costumed vigilantes", operating from the 2000s to the present.
  • No real ritual or ceremony exists after a hero accepts the invitation to join the Justice League. Sometime later when people can be rounded up, there might be a little welcoming party. Eventually they'll get a field trainer that will give them a tour of JL facilities and mentor them through their first few monitor duty shifts, responses, and missions.
  • Batman wasn't officially voted out from the Justice League, but he no longer comes to the meetings.
  • If a member of the League dies, their number can be taken by a new replacement.
  • Any Leaguer who is also a member of the Outsiders is not recognized by ARGUS. They don't recognize Oracle's membership either, because no one has ever seen her in person. Outsiders don't have permission to use Justice League facilities, but Leaguers have allowed them to do so.
  • There are two movies about them. Production of the third one was canceled by due to Hell on Earth.


  • The hero Green Arrow sponsored to join the League in 2017 was originally Cerberus, but following the reboot, Hank Henderson was erased from Earth-27's continuity.
  • Current speculation of the League's next recruits include Freedom Beast, Aztek, and Equinox.

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