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Descended from a long bloodline of great sorcerers the “Laughing Magicians” gifted with the power of synchronicity (an instinctual magical ability which grants John uncanny luck). John had a rough childhood from birth, John’s mother and twin brother did not survive childbirth and John’s father became an abusive alcoholic as a result. John’s first act of magic was casting all of his youth’s innocence and vulnerability in the lock-box to rid himself of them forever. As a teenager, John botched a spell directed to cure his father of his alcoholism, but botched the incantation and instead left his father a frail husk of what he once was. Unable to endure constant reminder of what he had done, John ran away from his home in Liverpool and made a new life for himself in London with his new friend Chaz, eventually starting a seriously underrated punk rock band “Mucus Membrane” with Chaz and some other friends.

It was while on tour with this band that John Constantine came to accept his purpose as an occultist when he learned of a possessed child and recruited his bandmates and others to help him perform an exorcism. The first problem was that John was not a good exorcist at the time and instead tricked his friends into help him summon a demon of their own to deal with the demon inside the girl. Yeah, so… the fecal matter hit the turbines and the demon turned on those who summoned it, tormenting all of them before taking the girl with it back to hell.

John spent much of the nineties in and out psychiatric hospitals, as well as experimenting in all kinds of narcotics, trying to find some means to live with himself. He apprenticed with Giovanni Zatara hoping to brush up on his parlor tricks, but promptly checked himself into treatment when Giovanni’s daughter disappeared (John believed he had somehow caused that to happen). Finally having come to terms with his past and his magical savvy, Constantine is a working class occult detective and member of “Dark Justice”. Despite his past, snark, cynical views, the cloud of smoke that seems to surround him at all times, and the tragic trail of dead friends and loved ones in his wake, John is still driven to do some good in his life.[1]

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  • Constantine joined the Justice League in 2015 nominated by The Flash.
  • John ran away from home off and on during 1987 to 1988.

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  • Constantine's image in E27 is based on Matt Ryan, who portraits him in the Constantine and other shows in Arrowverse. His portrait is a nod to Constantine's promotional poster.

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