Jezebel Jet: 1979 - Present

“Jezebel Jet” is the product of the union between Jacob Nkele, a president of the small African nation of Kor, and a woman he had purchased from a human trafficking wing of the League of Assassins. As a girl, Miss Nkele grew to hate her father after he sentenced her mother to die for an offense she did not commit. When word of a hostile coup began to spread, this girl found a moment to sneak out of the presidential palace and make contact with her father’s enemies, among them a figure known as El Penitente. It was through the machinations of Nkele's own daughter that the rebellion was able to gain access to the president’s fortified home to strip the man of his power, and ultimately his life. According to local rumors, it was even Nkele's own daughter that fired the gun that killed Nkele. After this, Kor fell into anarchy and ultimately ruin, as El Penitente returned to the League with Nkele's daughter in tow.

At some point, the girl became a woman and took on the identity of a rising model named Jezebel Jet. What happened to the real Jezebel Jet is unknown. Using this person, “Jezebel” was able to catch the eye of Bruce Wayne at a charity fashion show sponsored by the Wayne Foundation in early 2007. It was Bruce’s first public appearance since becoming a recluse after the media firestorm that surrounded him following the death of Jason Todd and his firm disavowing of the Justice League of America (in order to deflect rumors he was Batman). It is easy to say Bruce was very vulnerable and Jezebel played him like a fiddle. He even proposed to her, three months into their relationship, in the Batcave for crying out loud!

Little did Bruce know that Jezebel Jet was sent by El Penitente's Black Glove, a covert infiltration unit within the League of Assassins, and had been feeding information to the League. With this information, the League was able to refine their Four Horsemen’s training and orchestrate their plot to destroy the Batman, not just in body, but also his mind as well as his legacy. Luckily, Sasha Bordeaux uncovered Jezebel’s deception and caught her in an act of betrayal. Heartbroken, Bruce allowed Jezebel to leave. She has not been seen or heard from since.[1]

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